In today’s episode Phi speaks with Michi Kwan, who like Phi, left the high paying corporate world to pursue her own passion. Michi is now an alternative health practitioner focusing on subconscious reprogramming and EFT. We speak about entrepreneurship, inner child activation and healing, being your highest quantum self, discipline, masculine and feminine energetics in dating + so much more!

Resources from today's episode and connect with Michi Kwan from the Source of Truth Podcast

Chatting to Michi Kwan from the Source of Truth Podcast

Michi in terms of human design is a 1/3 manifesting generator with an emotional authority. 

Michi also has her own podcast: Source of Truth which bridges everyday topics with spirituality all about energy, the laws of the universe, channeled messages from God and pure love.

This episode covers topics such as:

  • Michi’s corporate career as a consultant and advising Fortune 500 companies
  • Her journey and passion for entrepreneurship¬†
  • Showing up and being seen
  • Vulnerability
  • Empathy compassion inner healing
  • The gift of her 3 profile line in human design – her approach to business and entrepreneurship
  • Discipline, self sabotage, inner child work, subconscious work, shadow work, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and self healing tools
  • Starseed being and owning your weird
  • Exploring spirituality and religion
  • Spiritual awakening and the spiritual path in life
  • Masculine and Feminine energies & dating
Phi Dang