I'm still learning...

I’ve learnt to let people go.

I won’t knock on doors closed shut.

I won’t chase.

Those meant to be in my life will be.

What is meant for me, will be.

I now embrace endings with open arms.

For every chapter closed is a new one open.

I’m making space for the new by clearing the old.

I’m learning to trust my internal navigation system, my gut feelings and instincts by intuition.

I’m learning not to heroically hold on but powerfully let go.

I’m learning it does not have to go out with a bang but a quiet surrender.

I’m learning to let my heart bleed and stitch it back together with love and compassion.

I’m learning to step back from what no longer serves me and lean into my highest aligned self.

By letting go, I am choosing to move forward with my life, carrying the pieces with me that will go onto become a beautiful masterpiece that I will one day understand.

One day before me I will see the grand picture of my life.

On letting go...

how we grow is by letting go and surrendering to the flow.

you need not force or push.

if it’s meant to be, whatever it is with whomever, it will be.

we admire those who hold on but it is harder to stop fighting and let go.

let go in order to receive what you fully deserve and what is in alignment with you.

let go of the person, let go of the place, let go of the home, let go of the job, let go of the client, let go of the money, let go of the circumstances… create space in order to receive

as painful as it is right now even though it’s not what you wanted, one day you’ll look back and understand why everything is unfolding the way it is 👁️

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang