Be your own saviour

Maybe right now your journey isn’t about love.

Maybe right now your journey is about… YOU.

Maybe this is the season you’re being challenged to be your own saviour.

You are love

love is so very beautiful, it’s something we all desire and dream of… we find ourselves searching for it, in the arms and heart of another.

what I’ve come to realise time and time again, love is not outside of you.

love is within you.

you are love.

we are conditioned to search for it, to chase it, to find it when all along it’s inside of ourselves.

you don’t need to be rescued, you need to rescue yourself.

when your heart is so full and at peace within yourself inevitably it will draw another, someone who won’t complete you but complement you.

someone who won’t change you but make you strive to be a better person.

someone you could live without but don’t want to 🧡

that love cannot be rushed, that love is worth the wait.

trust the journey beautiful soul 🦋

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang