I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s safe to let go. I

t’s safe to surrender and trust. It’s safe to hand is over to the universe and destiny because what is meant to be will be. 

It’s safe to relax and focus on yourself: how you’re feeling and how to move forward. It feels like the end but it’s not the total end. everything is going to to be okay. 

There’s something new on the horizon for you and it’s going to be better than you imagined for yourself. The universe is yet to reveal it’s full hand. You are loved and you are supported.

You’re seeing this because you were meant to 🫶🏽 I know it’s been hard but you’re strong and you’re resilient.

May this time serve you to let go of what no longer aligns and make way for new beginnings and expansive experiences.

More information on the Sagittarius full moon on my podcast 🎧 Grow Through it Podcast with Phi Dang

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