On suffering...

Bless the teachings that come to you through suffering.

Bless the love that came to you through suffering.

Bless the growth that came to you through suffering.

It’s in suffering we surrender. Suffering is the tides of misery.

Suffering at times wages an invisible war.

It’s in suffering our heart is cracked open to bleed, a raging river of fierce fire.

The suffering aches, it yearns, it ravishes.

Suffering is an initiation. An activation.

Suffering can be exquisite. Suffering can spark new life.

It’s through hell we find heaven.

On stepping into your power.

Suffering can be helpful, hear me out 🌊

Suffering causes us to really evaluate what’s going on.

To follow the brave call of what our heart and soul is yearning for.

Suffering is an ACTIVATION 🧨

There are times we ignore what we know deep down inside and suffering won’t stand for that.

Suffering demands attention.

Suffering demands action.

How can you let your suffering be a portal of activation? 💥

To move you?

There have been times in my life where I hit rock bottom and thought that was it.

Yet I continued to suffer because I was so seduced by the creation of my suffering.

I refused to let go of the narratives that created my suffering and so that pain of it all continued.

What I needed is to use my suffering as a means to finding a solution.

And that is where the magic begins 🪄

Stepping into your power.

Leading yourself out of the darkness.

Your darkness and suffering isn’t something to be afraid of.

It’s the medicine that will bring you home to yourself… if you let it.

love & positivity ✨ phi

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Phi Dang