Flowers will bloom...

Even the darkest of nights end when the sun rises.
The biggest of waves will surrender and subside.
The moon will kiss the sun and see the light of day.
Raindrops will kiss the barren earth.
Gardens will sprout from your broken bones.
Galaxies will emerge from the emptiness that haunts you.
Love will pour into the cracks of your soul and mend your open wounds.
Stars will sparkle in the shadows of your soul.
Flowers will bloom in the darkest crevices of your mind.

Here's to you, in all your glory

Darkness, death, destruction, despair are the fertile soil for rebirth. To make space for you to grow and bloom.

I honestly think this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever written, it touches my heart and soul so deeply and came through at a time when I was navigating a lot of pain and uncertainly personally last month.

It felt like the light would never appear and I was stuck in an abyss of dread. It was the void and vortex.

The dark night of the soul. It was the aching for glimmers of hope, reprise and relief.

I hope these words of the temporary nature of pain and the beauty that will inevitably emerge — the energetic codes embedded within, plant seeds of love and hope in your heart 🌱

When we are in the midst of tremendous pain, suffering and change it can be easy to forget the light. We are surrounded by so much darkness that we simply forget …about the light that always exists within ✨

What you think as the unbearable, the unlovable, the hideous, the ugly, the shadow parts of who you are… are truly lovely.

From these places when we allow ourselves to be fully seen, to be fully whole and fully present with these aspects of ourselves emerges our true selves… fortified and strengthened with resilience.

It is from my personal experience of great suffering and agony that new life emerges so much brighter and brilliant that I could ever fathom…

Your pain and loss may be a map to someone else’s freedom tomorrow (certainly is for me as a life coach going through it all so that I can help, support and guide the clients I work with).

Your pain and loss is a reminder that you are truly alive. Of your ever dynamic evolving soul and self. Of your ability to weather the storms. Of your ability to survive and in turn thrive.

Here’s to you beautiful soul, in all your glory darkness and shadow, light and love.

love & positivity ✨ phi

Ready to tap into your inner light? To face your darkness and fears? To turn your pain and suffering into beauty, wisdom and an uplevel in your life?

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Phi Dang