On who you are...

Time and time again, you get back up and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

That is who you are.

Someone who doesn’t give up.

You always find a way to get through tough times because you are a survivor.

A mountain of strength with a heart of gold.

A lotus who has bloomed from chaos and crisis.

Your gift, being able to be broken open time and time again to deeper love and growth.

Whatever it takes, you have it all within you.

It's all up to you...

Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball and a challenge, an invitation, an initiation.

You rise to the challenge every time you decide to meet it.

It’s in every choice that you make. Every breath, every step, every decision β€” you get to decide to go again πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ’₯

This is your power, nothing in life can take away from it no event, circumstance or person.

You choose who meets it.

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang