A change of perspective...

Your reality reflects your inner world.

If you don’t like what you see, turn inwards not outwards.

Understanding your reality

For your whole life you’ve been conditioned to seek outside of yourself and this makes sense.

We are conceived in the uterus, grown in the womb and then ripped away into reality.

We grow up watching the media where it seems like all the answers are outside of ourselves.

Prince Charming, Make Up, Food, Gym, This Product, That Product.

Realise that everything you NEED is within… that you have the POWER.

The solution to your problems is WITHIN.

Look and find it within yourself instead of masking it with a bandage solution in your outer reality.

Notice how when you’re miserable inside, life falls apart on the outside. Parking fines, late bill charges, nothing seems to go right.

When you’re happy on the inside, physical reality is amazing you notice the birds chirping, the sun shining.

Further to that every person you meet and encounter is a mirror and their perspective of you is a reflection of them.

Inner world = Cause
Outer world = Effect

love & positivity ✨ phi

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