• Pleasure isn’t just about sex

    PLEASURE is calling 📲 and it ain’t just found in the bedroom 💋 Nor does pleasure want to take a back seat in life.

    How has pleasure become secondary in our life?

    We associate it behind closed doors 🚪

    In indulging (sometimes excessively) in food, drinking, escapism…

    Pleasure is in your BEING.

    Literally in the feelings and sensations in your body.

    In the ecstasy of LIFE ⚡️

    Being alive. Being here. Right now in the only true moment: the present moment.

    To be in true pleasure is to let go.

    Let go of your mind.

    Let go of what you need to do or should be doing.

    Let go of your burdens and baggage.

    Pleasure is encoded and embodied in you.

    The pleasure of waking up early.

    The pleasure of sunrises and sunsets.

    The pleasure of cold water soaking your skin.

    The pleasure of a sweet fresh strawberry.

    The pleasure of listening deeply to your favourite music uninterrupted.

    Are you open to pleasure?

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

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  • Trauma isn’t just in your mind and thoughts

    Our society is so ingrained in our heads, in our minds and the thoughts we have 🧠

    Whilst mindset is important it isn’t everything.

    Working with my clients I’ve really delved into body work: energy. 

    How does it feel to be inside your body?

    Working together through breath work and meditation to be present.

    EFT (energetic freedom technique) to release and move old energy.

    The head has merits but so does your body. It’s so intelligent and it wants to communicate with you. Through heart, soul, gut… the feels ✨

    So don’t dismiss your body.

    From what I’ve found the mind lies, the body doesn’t…

    The fear you feel when you’re scared or anxious.

    The heart ache you feel from grief or loss.

    The pure joy of happiness… ☺️

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁


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  • Wisdom is more than knowledge

    Even if you have all of the knowledge, learn from the best mentors, access the best courses… it is nothing without putting it into practice.

    Embodying what you learn.

    Talking the talk, walking the walk.

    We think wisdom resides only in our minds… 🧠

    What about your body’s innate wisdom?

    Your soul, your intuition is the GPS.

    The nudges.

    The gut feelings.

    The vibrations.

    Wisdom beyond the logical and rational… ✨

    This wisdom is always readily available and open to you.

    The real question is are you readily available and open to it?

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

    ⚡️ looking to reconnect with your body and unlock your innate wisdom? Feel into your body, tap into your intuition? I would love to help you through 1:1 coaching

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  • Do you know what it’s like to be in your body, or are you always in your mind?

    We are conditioned to be in our mind. 

    “Use your head!”, “Can you please think about this?”, “Are you being logical and rational right now?”

    To the point where now we don’t know what it’s like to be in our body…

    Some people even are numb.

    When was the last time you were in your body?

    Feeling all the movement, sensations, weights, textures and vibrations?

    How does it feel to be in your body?

    Come home beautiful soul 🧡

    Experience the beauty of life and soul.

    Experience being truly alive in this temporary temple we are so lucky to love in.

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

    😫 caught up and trapped inside your mind? 🧠 let me help you break free and come home to your body beautiful soul. Get in touch with me, I can help you 🦋 through 1:1 coaching ✨

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  • Be here in the present moment

    Want to know the secret to feeling lighter and more free instantly?

    It is being here in the present moment.

    Here right now.

    The past is dead and gone.

    Yet we replay scenarios over and over in our head.

    How could I have done it better or differently?

    Why can’t life be like that again?

    The future hasn’t just happened.

    We obsess with getting to the final destination when everything is right with life.

    All we desire is a reality.

    Right here, is just right.

    Letting everything pop up and flow.

    Here, is. You just are.

    It is when we fight the present moment – falling back into the past or concentrating on the future that we deny reality.

    As a result we suffer. We get lost in our thoughts and identified with our mind. The stories. The DRAMAAAA!

    You lose the vibrancy of life.

    Time just slipping by…

    Return to here and now.

    It starts with this awareness and expands to creating space.

    Where are you? Are you here right now?

    Having trouble accessing the present moment? I can help you.

    Let’s work together through 1:1 coaching to overcome your negative self talk and draining mind chatter. Freedom is possible 🦋 

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

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  • You meet God, Universe, Source, Truth in Your Feelings

    You meet God, Universe, Source, Truth in the flow of life. In the stream of sensations 🌊⚡️

    You meet God, Universe, Source, Truth because you are one and the same with God, Universe, Source, Truth.

    God, Universe, Source, Truth are a part of you and you are.

    The flow of feelings and sensations it’s true divinity and a gift.

    To be here.

    To be truly alive.

    You taste life on your lips.

    You feel life on the tip of your tongue.

    You feel it deep in your bones and within your heart.

    You feel it calmly in your soul.

    You feel it in the wind that moves through your hair and tickles your ears.

    To feel is intuitive and natural.

    We forget in being conditioned – think with your mind 🧠

    Come home beautiful soul to this present moment and to the feelings of your body.

    Tune into the frequency of your feelings and emotions.

    It’s how God, Universe, Source, Truth speaks to you. The wisdom of the earth. The truths of experience.

    It cannot be in any other way but true

    E M B O D I M E N T

    Experience life for all that it is 🙏🏽

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