Our society is so ingrained in our heads, in our minds and the thoughts we have 🧠

Whilst mindset is important it isn’t everything.

Working with my clients I’ve really delved into body work: energy. 

How does it feel to be inside your body?

Working together through breath work and meditation to be present.

EFT (energetic freedom technique) to release and move old energy.

The head has merits but so does your body. It’s so intelligent and it wants to communicate with you. Through heart, soul, gut… the feels ✨

So don’t dismiss your body.

From what I’ve found the mind lies, the body doesn’t…

The fear you feel when you’re scared or anxious.

The heart ache you feel from grief or loss.

The pure joy of happiness… ☺️

love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

Phi Dang