You are the power

You are making waves in oceans that cannot be seen yet.

You are making tremors in earthquakes that cannot be felt yet.

You are making sparks in lightning that haven’t struck yet.

You are making heat in blazes that haven’t burned yet.

You are the catalyst.

You are the power.

Just because it’s not here yet, doesn’t mean it’s not happening…

It’s simply in the making.

You are the power

There’s nothing more exciting then the taste of potentiality on the tip of your tongue.

The way it lights up your body, atom by atom, cell by cell.

The way it pours and floods into every fiber of your being with.

There is so much happening even if you can’t quite see it, or feel it or touch it…

The universe conspiring behind the scenes, pulling the strings, waiting for the perfect moment.

This beautiful flow… this beautiful magic… this beautiful synchronicity cannot be be controlled, at times it can’t even be comprehended..

Your current reality is only a snapshot of the infinite potentiality that exists.

Know that it is all coming together…

If you know that you aren’t worried about timing.

You aren’t worried about what ISN’T happening.

You’re simply here tuning into the present moment with full faith and alignment 💫

love & positivity ✨ phi

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Phi Dang