I know it feels...

Beautiful soul, I know it feels like you’ll break from the weight of the world on your shoulders and the heavy ache of your heart.

I know it feels like you wish you could rip your heart out and not feel every ounce of pain.

I know it feels like you’re sick of crying, it is as if the tears will never end.

I know it feels like you will not be able to carry on, that the world has forced you on your hands and feet.

I know it feels like everything is crumbling and collapsing, leaving you trembling in the wake of the void.

I know it feels uncertain and scary in the clearing of it all, even though you know, it will all be for your highest good.

I know it feels like you’re alone and no one gets it.

I promise you, it will be okay.

Hold on and keep going.

I believe in you.

All is on your side.

Have faith and have love.

You’ve made it through so much already and will continue to.

You got this.

Let yourself be...

from my heart & soul to yours, a message of hope and love 💌

what an excruciating gift it can be to be human especially one that feels it all.

letting the pain into every crevice of your being and body.

letting yourself open to the wisdom of what you’re feelings are teaching you.

letting love take over and crack you from the inside out.

despite how hard and heavy it can be, have no regrets.

be proud of how you are handling it all right now because someday you’ll be even prouder looking back at this moment.

you’ve got this 🌹

everything you feel is a testament to your strength and bravery, it’s easy to ignore, avoid, suppress … to feel? that’s for the big hearts, the lovers, the dreamers…

here’s to you ☁️

love & positivity ✨ phi

ready to rise and learn to navigate your emotions with strength and bravery? let’s work together through 1:1 coaching or a human design reading. contact me for more info 🧡

Phi Dang