Elana Feldman is a Health, Wellness and Empowerment Coach on a mission to calm your body, mind and soul. For the past number of years she has been working in particular with seniors, cancer patients and children.

She is a 4/1 sacral generator with the soul purpose of intuition, hers in particular is actually rare a bridge between a personal and karmic destiny. She truly embodies the belief that age is but a number. In our conversation we explore how choices can shape our journey and how embracing movement as well as a mindset of choice, positivity and spirituality can lead to a life that embodies purpose and fulfilment. 

Elana Feldman -Episode Summary

In this episode, we delve into the transformative power of holistic well-being, human design, movement and mindset. Elana shares her personal journey being involved in an accident at a young age, which not only happens once but several times which will likely shock you what she’s been through (it’s also one of her main life energies!). 

This has shaped her inspiring journey of her purpose in going beyond labels especially age within herself being young in her forties and working closely with seniors and cancer patients in particular. She shares beautiful insights from their accumulated wisdom and experiences including a recently 100 year old client! 

We speak about how her human design has shaped her self awareness, intuition and decision making process including being a generator, sacral authority, having a completely open solar plexus and defined spleen. She is also going through her Uranus Opposition whilst the destiny nodes are in Libra and Aries (which she also has!) meaning a huge amplified energetic transition for her.

We also cover:
– Inner child
–  The importance of exercise and movement in promoting holistic well-being as well as adopting an empowering, choice driven mindset.
– Sexuality, intimacy and the body in the latter years of life
– Trusting your intuition and deeply knowing your life purpose
– The depth of connections: on a soul level
– The sweet bonds between children and seniors without judgement and of pure love
– Embracing getting older in life

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