May loss not define you

10 years later the journey continues and I can’t quite believe I’ve lived 1/3 of my life without him 🥹

Grief has no expiration date.

It is never too late to grieve.

In the early days it was raw and overwhelming.

I numbed it. I suppressed it. I ignored it. I resented it.

The myth that time heals all wounding is understandable however really we learn to grow around the grief and expand.

Grief does not end or stop.

It becomes part of the journey weaved into the everyday, a mosaic of joy and sorrow all at once that is part of the human experience.

Loss and grief have shown me it doesn’t end with the loss of our loved one that it isn’t useless, in fact it’s led me to become a life coach something I never would have comprehended a decade ago (I was meant to be a lawyer or CMO!!).

And that is the beauty; the twists and turns of life and how pain can turn into power and purpose.

Now I honour it. I lean into it. I feel it. I’m grateful for it.

As a coach it has been a privilege to support and witness individuals navigate the complexities of grief in learning to feel the feelings, redefine the narrative and unlock the strength and resilience that emerges from heartache.

Here’s to the journey 🫶🏽

May loss not define you but propel you into greater depths of living: with gratitude, with radiance and to embrace the immense gift of not just being alive; but living 🚀

love & positivity ✨ phi

Ellie Simpson