Episode Summary of The Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang, 19: Money is Energy

Money is Energy. Energy is a currency. Learn more about the stories and lies our mind has around money. I share a personal example of investing in my new coach! 

What you'll learn from this episode

  • Money is energy
  • My personal story investing $20,000 in my new coach
  • Our outdated and limiting beliefs around what money is and represents
  • Getting serious with the universe about money and energy
  • Being scared to invest
  • My clients investing and their incredible results
  • Money mindset and how they come to be
  • Limiting money stories
  • The easiest and quickest way to see where you are at in terms of your money mindset and energy

Key Quotes from this Episode

Money is energy just as a calorie as a unit of physical energy.

Fear around money which is just plastic or paper that represents energy.

Imagine money was a person, what’s your relationship like?

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The Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang, 19: Money is Energy

You are listening to Episode 19 of the Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang: Money is Energy

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Money is Energy Introduction

Hello hello beautiful souls!

WOW. If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know a lot has happened and changed in the last week alone. Yes! 

I’ve changed the cover of the podcast, ta-da, because I’ve cut my hair and I’m bringing a new, upgraded, quantum level leaped energy. The style, look and feel of my posts and content has changed and will continue to and it’s so exciting. Everything unfolding feels organic, like a living breathing creature and I’m here for it!

So what instigated this? Energy.

I want to share with you a personal story that ties into the energetics of money.

My personal money is energy story: investing in a new coach

A few days ago I invested in my new coach over $20,000. Yep I know. It sounds crazy. It sounds mind blowing. My mind thought the same.

You are crazy.

You’ve lost the plot.

and at the same time I had old stories come up like…

You aren’t worth the money.

You’re bad with money.

You don’t know what you’re doing, this is a bad decision.

Debt is bad.

You’ve been in debt before so this is a really bad idea.

Money is energy, it is man made human value

Money is so funny. It’s literally plastic in Australia, paper everywhere else but it holds so much value. Man made value we create.

Imagine someone decided that acorns would be the new currency or daffodils. Imagine people running around like crazy to collect.

And that’s the thing.

Money is energy.

Energy is a currency.

Seeing signs about after investing money

When I saw my old stories pop up about the decision to invest, I saw an old part of myself. In fact I had a bird tap at my window in the afternoon before I decided.

When I looked up what it meant, it was a mix of good luck and death. 


It mean imminent death.

Creepy. Scary. Overwhelming.

I look it up after because I also saw a grasshopper which meant prosperity and good luck after I decided to do it despite all this mind drama. Mind lies.

I realise now looking back it meant death of my old self.


The new me choosing money is energy, investing

When I decided to not listen to my old past stories and bullshit that old me died. I stepped up. I changed. I picked the new me. The Phi Dang you are hearing now.

That puts her money where her actions and values are.

I always want to invest, learn and grow for myself and for my clients.

When you go with a coach, you not only learn from them, you learn from their coaches and their coaches coaches. It’s all this amazing compounded knowledge with different interpretations and modifications in your own way. Mind fucking amazing.

So when I made the decision my mind told me I was crazy. 

Old money stories, stagnant old energy

It brought up stories about when I went travelling and had $20k debt, about earning and losing money, about being cheap and stingy, about being overindulgent, about having lots of savings and no savings – all of the things which didn’t matter.

It made me realise I like to have savings in my bank account and hoard it because I’m always so scared of having no money and losing everything. It’s just money. I’ll still be alive, okay and I trust I will find a way to make money back.

Why have savings if you don’t have a means for it?

It’s stagnant stuck energy.

Life is about living, having energy

Why play small in this life?

Life is about LIVING. Being alive. Feeling.

So my choice to do it, to invest was because I am not my past.

I am not my mind’s lies and stories.

I am here now in this moment.

I felt a FUCK YES in my body.

And when I did it even days later, I would do it all over again.

I have made SO MANY QUANTUM LEAPS. Big shifts and changes.

Because that $20k represents A LOT OF ENERGY.

Getting serious about your energy to the universe

I’m stepping up and going to the universe, fucking hello I am here. I am serious. I am not staying small and trapped in my scarcity stories anymore. I’m fucking powerful and abundant. Bring it on. Everything I desire.

I guarantee when you listen in a few months and see all the changes compound yourmind is going to blow along with mine.

Already so much is happening I am manifesting so much everyday bits of money, seeing signs from the universe I never saw before, having so much energy, feeling amazing, being so happy, I’m actually high on life! None of it to do with money. It’s all about ENERGY.

Are you scared to invest? Here's my advice

So my advice to you is when you feel fear, can you meet the scary, razor edges of your fear?

Can you drop your mind and go deep into your body to truly feel it.

To trust yourself and ask yourself is this fear because of old stories and crap but I really want it so I will do it vs this isn’t for me.

You have to go first and make the move to change your life. The universe won’t do it for you.

You have to show yourself who you are, right now in this moment. Forget the past.

What are you doing now that will influence your future?

Are you living in line with your values?

The more uncomfortable and scary it is… the greater it will change your life.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

I can tell you all this because I know it to be true, I am living it and experiencing it.

Listen to your heart and soul

Don’t take my word, do it for yourself. Listen to your heart and soul. You will see.

Your body never lies to you, if you’re scared you’ll feel it.

But guess who will lie to you as per last week’s episode?

Your brain is a liar

Your brain. Your mind.

It loves to propel stories.

You’re not good enough.

You’re not worthy.

You won’t make enough money.

You won’t get a return on investment.

It will go on and on as your brain tries to lie and convince you how you just aren’t amazing or good enough.

Stuck energy. In a rut.

So you stay small. Stuck. Trapped.

Wondering why am I not changing?

Why aren’t I happy?

What’s wrong?

But see, if you only listened to your heart and soul.

Open your heart and soul

Opened up everything from your eyes to your heart and soul about potential.

See the potential of abundance.

I am amazing.

I am worthy of spending money on and investing in myself.

I will make back the money or get it from the universe one way or another. I trust.

I will get a return on investment whether it’s money, knowledge, growth and transformation.


On clients scared to invest their money and energy

I send so much love to beautiful souls when they aren’t ready to make the leap to work with me.

Mostly it’s money. But it’s not really about the money.

Money can be an excuse to hide behind.

It’s because they aren’t ready to trust themselves.

That they are worth it.

To choose the person they will become after working with me.

I send love that one day they realise it and decide to stop playing small, GO BIG and invest in themselves.

The incredible results I co create with my clients

To get the incredible transformations that I deliver with my clients.

Moving on from their ex.

Shedding their past.

Working through trauma and limiting beliefs. 

Realising the lies their mind tells them.

New relationships, dating and the love of their life.

New jobs.

A new career.

A new mindset.

A new energy.

Acing exams and university.

Sleeping better at night.

Being more positive and happy.

Being excited to wake up every single day.

Being and embodying love.

Manifesting everything they desire from money to opportunities.

Feeling so whole and happy in their body.

Magnetising people around them. They are that person when they walk in the room you can’t help but pay attention.


But not everyone will get there and that’s okay. I know and trust that the beautiful souls meant to work with me will work with me, no matter what. I love that. I love them. I love those not ready and send even more love. I love you. 

Money is a currency and unit of energy

Threading this all back. Money is energy. An expression, form of energy. 

Humans give it value. 

Not many people are aware or conscious of this and I want to give you this beautiful gift of knowledge. 

Money is energy just as a calorie as a unit of physical energy.

If you’re finding this hard to take in, it’s time to do the work and bring awareness to your money stories.

Money mindset stories that keep you small

Your money mindset and stories come from experience, what you hear as a kid such as money doesn’t grow on trees, making money is hard, I’m not from a rich family, I can’t afford to buy, money can’t buy you happiness, money is evil etc.

It all has an origin from what you heard from your parents and people around you as a kid.

Can you see how these experiences have created limiting money beliefs?

Don’t blame yourself, it’s your experiences and programming from the world around you. 

As a child you absorb everything like a sponge, soaking every thing in. Even when you don’t realise it.

Fear around money which is just plastic or paper that represents energy.

Money exists to be used.

Money wants to be respected and loved, not feared.

Imagine money was a person...

Imagine money was a person, what’s your relationship like?

Do you show them love and appreciation?

Or are you scared to look at money?

Running away from money?

One way to find out where you are at in your money mindset and energy

A good indicator I’ve spoken about with my clients is open your bank account and see how you feel.

That’s a good sign about where your money mindset is.

Scared to do it? Feel terrible?

There’s work to be done.

The Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang, 19: Money is Energy

I can help you, I would love to and I’ve been through it myself so please get in touch with me.

I would love to work with you through 1:1 coaching to see amazing results for you like my incredible clients.

I love being a life coach and helping people to wake up, be happy and enjoy life.

I’m so excited for next week’s episode where I will have a very special guest my friend TJ. We met through Instagram and he is so passionate about motivating the masses. He’s a personal growth champion. We’ll be going live on Instagram on Saturday 12pm Sydney Australia time. Watch this space.

Have a great day beautiful soul, chat to you next Tuesday! Love and positivity.

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