The jigsaw puzzle of life

Stories aren’t just found in fairy tales, books and movies.

We live inside stories that our mind creates and identifies with.

Our brain pieces these stories together to create the ultimate story of ‘me’.

The voice inside your head has created ‘you’ by weaving together pieces of your past experiences and what you believe to be true.

It all then pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Only certain pieces make it into this jigsaw puzzle.

The great unlearning...

So who are YOU really? You aren’t these stories, you are what’s beneath them all. Pure consciousness — soul.

Have you observed this story telling?

The stories vou believe in the form of “l”.
I am the type of person who…

I am not like that because…

I am not worthy because..

I believe that…

I am right because…

The stories make us feel a certain way, the stories have us act a certain way.

Your true self doesn’t identify with the stories.

Your true self is in your expression, being, essence and knowing.

There’s nothing to defend, assert, prove or cling onto.

You haven’t done this knowingly – it has instinctively happened through your experiences and conditioning.

You aren’t who you think you are – you are the presence underneath and behind all the layers.

You awaken to your true self when you become conscious of this and free yourself from the stories.

You are.

So freeing, so powerful – to break free from the stories and simply be.

This is the great unlearning…

An excerpt from my debut book “The Great Unlearning — Awakening to Living An Aligned and Authentic Life”

Currently available for preorder in Australia via Booktopia or Amazon (link in bio), International preorders opening soon via Amazon and Book Depository. Releases worldwide June 23rd 2023.

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang