On desire...

You know that niggling feeling that pulls at you and makes you feel uncomfortable deep down inside that you can’t explain?

Yeah that’s your soul being unsettled because maybe you’re not listening.

Maybe you desire more…

You aren't your thoughts

Caught between your head and your heart beautiful soul? 🤕

Your head… your mind… your brain – it isn’t you.

You aren’t your thoughts 💭

In fact your mind lies all the time – it’s a drama queen 🎭 the negative self talk…

“You should do it… don’t be stupid”

“Who do you think you are?”

“I mean the answer is so obvious are you dumb?”

Remember your head and mind is here to protect you, to keep you safe (which often can mean in the comfort zone which is great – stable and secure but it ain’t soul fulfilling)

Your heart… your soul… your higher self – that can’t be made up.

It bypasses your survival mode analytical mind.

It’s FELT in your BODY.

Drop into your body.

The stillness.

When your heart and soul speak through the body what do they say?

Trust the pull and nudges… it’s there for a reason.

That’s the biggest flex: faith, the knowing.

Following my mind let me to great places… for a while.

Everything on paper was perfect yet deep down I KNEW I wasn’t truly happy and satisfied.

For a while I TRIED to ignore it… but it just got LOUDER AND LOUDER.

It felt heavy, that I couldn’t carry it – the pounding, the knowing, that feeling… so I surrendered and trusted (yes it’s scary and uncomfortable… it’s called the leap of faith for a reason)…

Following my heart has led me to everything… love, abundance, health, wealth… living a life beyond my wildest dreams.

It’s not for the faint hearted… I mean imagine a world where we all truly did follow our heart 🤯

If you did…

If you do…

Who will you be?

What decisions will you make?

What will your life be like?

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang