• Where you are heading won’t always be clear

    Where you’re heading won’t always be clear.

    In moments of uncertainty, life is asking you to surrender and trust where you are being led. To get comfortable with the uncomfortable. To trust your intuition with all your heart and soul despite how illogical it seems. Even if everyone around you questions your path. It doesn’t make sense right now because it isn’t supposed to but one day it will. Don’t be afraid, remember you are brave. Don’t be afraid, remember you are capable. Don’t be afraid, remember you are being protected. Keep going. One step at a time.

    Because maybe all isn’t as it appears. The more unclear and uncertain, the more trust is required in the universe and your faith but greatest of all: the trust within yourself.

    To be able to handle whatever will come your way.

    To be able to lean into the unknown and embrace the magic and what awaits on the other side 🪄
    love & positivity ✨ phi

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