Self Worth

  • Embrace the essence of your authentic self

    Embrace the essence of your authentic self, unafraid to shine in your full glory. 

    Let the world witness your unwavering confidence and unyielding strength. 

    Every challenge you face is but fuel for your inner fire, forging you into a force of nature.

     Stand tall, knowing that your worth is intrinsic and immeasurable, untouched by the judgments of others.

    When did the world teach you that you weren’t good enough? That you shouldn’t shine so brightly or be so bold?

    This is the great unlearning to break free from predefined expectations and to buck the trend.

    When did we become a society that be default we fear to be truly seen for who we are and confident for that.

    The ego often gets a bad wrap but in its high expression its confidence, self trust and self assurance.

    Unlearn that perfectionism is required to be worthy and of value.

    Lean into your imperfections, all of who you are 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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