Self Belief

  • May you leap even if you feel afraid

    I don’t know who needs to hear this but you’re on the right path. Your heart is full of courage. In a world distracted by the mind, I hope you dig deep and reconnect with your heart. I hope you reconnect with your inner light that never ceases nor dwindles. It’s now up to you to make that move. The one your soul is nudging you to make. May you leap even if you feel afraid, for your spirit is fearless.

    The biggest misconception about being on the right path… is that it will just feel easy, clear and flowy all the time 😮‍💨

    Because it won’t.

    The right path will have tough moments that feel hard.

    The right path will feel clear in your soul but noisy and messy in your mind.

    The right path will have moments that don’t seem to flow and those moments are beautiful opportunities to reassess.

    Regardless, the right path is something you create by following your intuition, trusting your soul and making moves (especially when it feels scary!)

    Time to make your move 🔥


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    love & positivity ✨ phi

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