• Spend your life loving. Not seeking love. Ocean need not seek water.

    spend your life loving. not seeking love. ocean need not seek water.

    Why are you looking for love outside of yourself?

    Love is loving.

    Love is who you are.

    An infinite source of love resides within you.

    Sure it can be found in other forms in another, in animals, in nature yet innately it’s already within you.

    You don’t have to do anything to be loved.

    You don’t have to prove yourself or be worthy (that’s some strong mental conditioning there).

    There are no conditions to love.

    Are you connected to this source or blocked off by your mind?

    Do you think about love conceptually and mentally or are you feeling in deeply in your heart and bones?

    Love just is.

    Love is here now.

    Love is in your state of being.

    It can’t be taken away for it is a part of you.

    It can’t be lost for it is a part of you.

    There is no void to fill.

    There is no desperation.

    There is no neediness.

    There is no clinging.

    Return within.

    Let down the walls and open the doors

    When you do, you’ll find yourself deeply in love 🧡

    Pure bliss, joy, peace 🕊

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

    Original quote by Jaiya John

    My caption and words bring to life the beauty of this quote by Jaiya John.

    Jaiya John is a poet, author and freedom worker. His global mission exists as Soul Water Rising.

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