• To be human

    Dear beautiful soul...

    Dear beautiful soul,

    You will do many incredible things in this lifetime.

    Your impact, influence and presence will be felt by many.

    You will break ancestral patterns and pain.

    You will find the light in the abyss of darkness.

    You will contribute to the community and greater society.

    You will make a difference in this world.

    You ask, what if I live an ordinary life?

    A boring life?

    A life where I didn’t find the solution or reach millions?

    Divine child, your purpose is to live!

    All that you do can turn to gold but don’t forget…

    You are radiant energy, a soul having a human experience.

    There will be moments you understand why you are here.

    When you taste the sunshine and dive in the depths of the ocean.

    When you love so deeply and fall so hard.

    When you let down your walls and your heart beats so quickly.

    When you twirl with insurmountable pleasure and pain.

    When you kiss the moonlight and dance with the stars.

    When you feet plant on the earth and you move as one with humanity.

    These are the moments.

    This is your purpose.

    To live with presence.

    To be human.

    There's a reason you are here

    For you — worried, anxious or feeling lost about your purpose.

    There’s a reason you are here now reading this.

    There’s a reason why your soul chose to come to earth and be here at this very time in your body, with your mind.

    Purposeful meaning? You create it.

    At the end of the day, when you are on your deathbed people will remember all the incredible things you do… but the ones you love and are closest to you? They will remember your presence. You. Not what you did. You.

    Live large.

    Love deeply.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Your mind is built to help you survive, not be happy


    You can take the pressure off yourself and your mind because there. is. nothing. wrong. with. you 🙏🏽

    Your brain is a survival organ designed to solve problems in order to live.

    Being happy all the time isn’t encouraged by our design because it would lower your guard to possible threats to your life.

    “Oh that animal won’t kill me…”

    “Oh I could easily do that trek…”

    “Oh it would be so fine to do [insert crazy reckless activity]”

    Your brain is an incredible super tool that is always on the look out for risks and threats. To protect you and I for one am so thankful.

    Your mind wants to protect you at all costs including happiness.

    The #1 priority is to s u r v i v e ❗️❗️❗️

    The pursuit of happiness isn’t what we are built to do.

    Can you be happy?

    Oh absolutely yes 😍

    Can you do it in your mind?

    Sure… but is that true happiness?

    Happiness for me and what I work with my clients is in being… the presence of here right now. This moment. Being alive. Here. In your body

    It is SO much simpler than you THINK 🧠 because it’s intuitive and isn’t to do with your mind 🤯

    If that intrigues you… calls you… get in touch with me I would love to help and support you beautiful soul through 1:1 coaching.

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