• True to you

    I am so grateful...

    I am so grateful – that you are you.

    The way you never give up on the people you love.

    The way you see the best in everyone.

    The way you believe in good intentions.

    The way you embrace people’s weird.

    The way you forgive someone despite the hurt.

    The way you hold it together whilst the world is falling apart around you.

    The way you care for others despite going through your own pain and battles.

    Truly, I am so grateful – that you are you.

    Never change beautiful soul.

    I hope that you are always true to you.

    Seeing the good

    Be true to you always beautiful soul.

    In a world that can be dark and heavy at times, don’t let it harden you.

    Continue to be the light that you are.

    See the good because it always exists.

    The world would be a better place with more people like you 🥰

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • It’s all yours

    If it is meant for you...

    I know sometimes it pains you beautiful soul, to think about what could have, should have or may have been… here’s the thing, we think we have the right person, opportunity, job, whatever it may be at the wrong time but if it was meant to be… the timing would be right too.

    You haven’t lost out or messed it up somehow.

    What is meant for you will always find its way to you even if it has to come back later.

    If it is meant for you, it will always be for you and only you.

    Trust me when I say it’s yours.

    No matter how long it takes.

    No matter how it comes.

    No matter the blocks, challenges, obstacles and set backs.

    It’s all yours.

    This or something better

    Save yourself from the what if or if only… if it’s meant to be it will be. No ifs, buts bla bla.

    You’ll torture yourself with these.

    No need to obsess.

    No need to ache over all the different timelines and possibilities.

    It’s not right, if there’s one thing off… 😪

    The universe only wants what is best for you at the best time.

    In fact the one thing off may be the very thing the universe is using to protect you from what is not yours or greater pain.

    All in divine timing and order.

    If it’s not what you desired, something better is coming.

    My favourite mantra right now?

    “This or something better!”

    Trust in the timing of your life, it’s led you to be where you are exactly right now as who you are meant to be right now.

    Move past the over thinking and ease into the inner peace you so rightly deserve.

    And so if you’re reading this, it’s your sign. It wasn’t meant to be right now or back then and it’s okay – bigger and better things are coming.

    Patience beautiful soul, it will be worth it!

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Finding magic in the unknown

    Waiting for the possibilities to unfold

    I’m homesick for a place I’ve never been.
    I’m craving the arms for the one I’m yet to love.
    I’m pining for their eyes to meet mine.
    I’m giddy for the butterflies that I will feel.
    I’m missing their presence in my energetic field.
    I’m longing for the home I’ve yet to live in.
    I’m floating in waters I’ve never waded before.
    I’m nostalgic for memories I’m yet to create.
    I’m lost in the lust to truly live and experience it all.
    I ache for all the possibilities knowing that it’s coming but it’s not quite here and all I know is that I’m excited for it all to unfold.

    Things are changing

    It’s that feeling… when you’re not quite sure what is going on but you KNOW that things are changing.

    As humans we have our comforts and we get comfortable… and even though we want to change and uplevel there’s a part of us that holds onto our old self because it’s safe and familiar.

    As I voyage into new depths and dimensions in my life, I have found myself in fear and control – wanting to know how everything unfolds but here’s the thing…

    There’s such magic and delight in the unknown, in all the possibilities that could happen, in all the different timelines, on how it all unfolds…

    Can you shift into a state of awe and wonder like a child at what’s to come and what’s already here?

    Can you tap into the energy of excitement and anticipation, that everything you desire is just around the corner, that every point and moment of change is leading you there…

    Can you? 💫

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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