• Pleasure isn’t just about sex

    PLEASURE is calling πŸ“² and it ain’t just found in the bedroom πŸ’‹ Nor does pleasure want to take a back seat in life.

    How has pleasure become secondary in our life?

    We associate it behind closed doors πŸšͺ

    In indulging (sometimes excessively) in food, drinking, escapism…

    Pleasure is in your BEING.

    Literally in the feelings and sensations in your body.

    In the ecstasy of LIFE ⚑️

    Being alive. Being here. Right now in the only true moment: the present moment.

    To be in true pleasure is to let go.

    Let go of your mind.

    Let go of what you need to do or should be doing.

    Let go of your burdens and baggage.

    Pleasure is encoded and embodied in you.

    The pleasure of waking up early.

    The pleasure of sunrises and sunsets.

    The pleasure of cold water soaking your skin.

    The pleasure of a sweet fresh strawberry.

    The pleasure of listening deeply to your favourite music uninterrupted.

    Are you open to pleasure?

    love & positivity ✨ phi πŸ‘

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  • You meet God, Universe, Source, Truth in Your Feelings

    You meet God, Universe, Source, Truth in the flow of life. In the stream of sensations 🌊⚑️

    You meet God, Universe, Source, Truth because you are one and the same with God, Universe, Source, Truth.

    God, Universe, Source, Truth are a part of you and you are.

    The flow of feelings and sensations it’s true divinity and a gift.

    To be here.

    To be truly alive.

    You taste life on your lips.

    You feel life on the tip of your tongue.

    You feel it deep in your bones and within your heart.

    You feel it calmly in your soul.

    You feel it in the wind that moves through your hair and tickles your ears.

    To feel is intuitive and natural.

    We forget in being conditioned – think with your mind 🧠

    Come home beautiful soul to this present moment and to the feelings of your body.

    Tune into the frequency of your feelings and emotions.

    It’s how God, Universe, Source, Truth speaks to you. The wisdom of the earth. The truths of experience.

    It cannot be in any other way but true

    E M B O D I M E N T

    Experience life for all that it is πŸ™πŸ½

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