Dark Night of the Soul

  • Every setback is a setup for a comeback

    Every setback is a setup for a comeback. 

    Maybe the path has been turbulent, with twists and turns that have tested your strength and spirit. Maybe it’s been almost unbearable and that it really feels as if the universe is testing you… pushing you to your edges. What if you weren’t being tested all, that you are in fact being initiated. Invited to grow through the constant challenges. To take a moment for yourself. To ground, to breathe, to recenter on stronger foundations for your next chapter. Here’s to your evolution and radiant rising beautiful soul.

    So the universe is really pushing you huh? 🥺 here’s the thing: I know it’s not easy at all 😮‍💨 even when you know everything will eventually be okay and it’s all for your greatest growth ultimately.

    It’s an INITIATION ⚡️

    What do you do in the in between; the fertile void; the space for what is to come?

    Before you panic, let your mind take over — truly connect with yourself within. Your heart. Your soul. Your inner guidance. We can rarely hear its truth in all the noise.

    Figure out what you truly want or what would be in alignment with your values and vision for yourself… if you don’t know that start with what you don’t want.

    Know that in this path you have to be willing to confront your fears and limiting beliefs, to own your voice and say no many times.

    The potential is endless…

    The potential is fruitful 🍎🍐🍓🍇🥝

    Here’s to your next level 🫶🏽

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