Soul Sister

Noun│ [soul sis-ter] 

A spiritual bestie. You can talk to her about anything. She listens to you without judgement. She fully understands you. She’s your number one fan and cheerleader. She’s your hype girl. She cheers you up when you’re feeling down. She makes you laugh until your stomach hurts and almost pee your pants. You have the feeling that you were brought together by fate, the universe.

It's no mistake that you're here soul sister...

A HIGH VIBE COMMUNITY for like minded women who are on a spiritual and personal growth journey

All of this for less than $1.50 a day!
The cost of an Uber Eats order.
Cancel at any time.

Save $63!
Commit to your personal growth
& your soul sisters

Since ancient times women have gathered together whether it was around a fire, in monasteries or as a coven. They cried and laughed with one another. Shared stories and words of wisdom. 

Together they healed and supported one another. Their energy and love transcend time. The women before us, our sisters, have paved the way and it’s time for us to continue sacred sisterhood nowadays as modern women. 

The Soul Sister Collective is for the woman who is waking up.

The Soul Sister Collective is spiritual self care.

Let’s get real about spiritual growth. 

It’s not all that pretty. It gets messy. It gets painful. It gets uncomfortable. It can be heartbreaking. With your soul sisters you’ll always be supported and have a sisterhood to confide in and talk to. 

Walk the journey with us Soul Sister.

Are you ready for your next level Soul Sister?

Is this you?

You’re craving connection with other women like yourself who are interested in spirituality. 

Women who get you. Women like you. Women who won’t judge you. Women who will support you. Women who are also interested in the phases of the moon, crystals, chakras, horoscopes, human design, spirit guides, manifestation, angel numbers and tarot cards.

You’re ready for your next stage of personal development and growth in an affordable and accessible way. 

You’ve read self development books, listened to podcasts and watched videos but you’re craving more. You get into a good routine but then fall off the bandwagon. You want a spiritual home where you can go at anytime for inspiration, accountability + soul medicine & wisdom. 

The Soul Sister Collective is for you if you want to:

  • Uplevel your mindset, self love, energy and purpose (the four key pillars of Phi’s coaching)
  • ✷ Live a fuller and richer life which has more meaning and joy
  • ✷ Connect deeper to your heart & soul as well as Universe/Source 
  • ✷ Awaken to the power and magic that is already within you
  • ✷ Cultivate a greater sense of connection, purpose and fulfilment
  • Be fully seen, heard, celebrated and supported by myself and other soul sisters 
  • ✷ A safe space to be yourself and share the changes and experiences you are going through 

If you’re vibing this… The Soul Sister Collective is for you.

For she who is fierce and has full faith.

All of this for less than $1.50 a day!
The cost of an Uber Eats order.
Cancel at any time.

Save $63!
Commit to your personal growth
& your soul sisters

Why Soul Sister Collective?

I’m here to guide you back to your wholeness, to your power, to self love and to the divine feminine. 

When I first started dipping my toes into spirituality it was lonely.

I didn’t have anyone to talk to and share about all the incredible changes that were happening in my life. I was scared of being judged as weird or too woo woo and wacky. 

I craved modern spirituality…  I love crystals and cocktails. I love journalling and binge watching my favourite shows. I love setting intentions on a new moon and partying on a full moon.

I created the Soul Sister Collective for the modern woman like you & I, a safe and sacred space to be your true authentic self on your spiritual awakening and journey.

An affordable and accessible way to invest in yourself to be supported on your spiritual journey.

The Soul Sister Collective is for any one on a spiritual journey whether you are at the beginning or deep on this sacred path.

I know it’s scary investing in yourself and whether this is your first step or one of many, I honour you. I don’t take your investment lightly. I am so proud that you are considering even doing this because it means you’re a go getting goal digger like me. You have big dreams and you’re committed to living you dream life (I know I am and it all began and continues with investing in myself!)

You are ready to live a soul satisfying life.

You are ready to up level.

You are ready to stop playing small and show the universe that you’re all in.

A high vibe community for like minded women who are on a spiritual growth and personal development journey.

Investment IS ONLY $33AUD A MONTH!

What do you get?


An exclusive, private Facebook group. Each week we’ll be chatting in the group about our intentions, manifestations, gratitudes and wins.

VALUE: $77 p/m

monthly moon circle

A sacred self care and love time for reflection, journaling, breathing, meditation and setting intentions for yourself.

VALUE: $77 p/m

monthly masterclass

A monthly masterclass run by Phi on a personal growth topic. In the past there’s been topics such as self love, mindset & money magnetism 

VALUE: $111 p/m

monthly journal prompts

Journal prompts that align with the energy of the moon and human design to make the most of the energies at play.

VALUE: $55 p/m


Each month Phi will pull a monthly tarot card for the collective to understand the collective vibe and journey.

VALUE: $55 p/m


To work with Phi 1:1 is a mid/high 4 figure – 5 figure investment. This is a no brainer if you want to learn from Phi.

Plus, as part of your membership, in partnership with The Cove Project, when you join we donate a menstrual cup to a girl or womxn of reproductive age who is experiencing poverty, suffering, distress and disadvantage due to lack of financial resources and access to basic necessities.

One menstrual cup gives a womxn up to ten years of access to a safe sanitary care. Access to a menstrual cup will allow girls to stay in school for the 50 days a year they would otherwise miss when menstruating. 

All of this for less than $1.50 a day!
The cost of an Uber Eats order.
Cancel at any time.
Value: $375 per month – you’re getting 11 x the value!

Save $63!
Commit to your personal growth
& your soul sisters
Value: $4,500 for 1 year – you’re getting 13 x the value!


Where is everything held?

Online and in a private Facebook community. You will need an account to join - use your personal or create a new account (whatever you feel comfortable with!).

What happens after I join?

I will personally say hi to you via Instagram or Email and send you think link to join the Soul Sister Collective. Any questions or issues you can contact me on Instagram @thephidang or [email protected]

How long is each class/circle?

At least 30 minutes - 1 hour.

Can I cancel my membership?

I would be so sad to see you go but yes. You may cancel at any time. If you cancel, you’ll stay in the private community until the final day of your subscription. 

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

Yes! This is completely online. Even if you can’t catch a masterclass or circle live it will be recorded for you to easily access in your own time.

What if I don’t have time?

We live in such a busy world, I completely understand how you feel. That’s why this collective exists as a form of ritual, routine, reflection and self care for you. Use the membership in a way that best suits you. Join live or watch a masterclass on replay. You can’t fall behind and there’s no schedule. Think of this as your gym membership for your personal growth and spirituality!

Do I get 1:1 support from Phi?

Whilst you will get access to me, it will be in a community setting. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions within a group level whilst I hold masterclasses and I will hold Q&A’s from time to time. To work with me 1:1 is a 4/5 figure investment  In saying that as a soul sister of course you will receive discounts to work with me!

Is this for women only?

No! It's the term that's used. We all have the 'feminine energy' within us as we do 'masculine'. Everyone is welcome in this community however you identify yourself, we welcome you and would love for you to join!

How does it work?