Are you aged 27-31 and feeling lost?

Life feels heavy, draining and uncomfortable.

You're questioning and looking for your soul purpose and path.

You feel yourself on the verge of change and a transition.

Deep down you that there's got to be more to life than this...

That's because there is more to life.

You deserve more. You are ready for more.

A life where you are truly happy. A soul fulfilling career.

You’re going through what we call your Saturn Return. 
It often starts around the age of 27/28, peaks at 29 and lasts until you’re 30/31.
It’s your spiritual coming of age. It’s known for shake ups and huge life changes such as…
a change in your jobs or career, relationships including that of the romantic kind including break ups and engagements, moving places including relocation and going abroad. 
In fact Adele attributes Saturn to her latest album 30.

What is Saturn Return?

Technically speaking it's when the planet Saturn returns to it's original position
the day you were born. Saturn represents discipline, accountability, karma and judgement. In fact we call Saturn the teacher of the Zodiac (so yes, everything is happening for a reason, for your growth and expansion - even though it feels terrible, I know). Practically think of it as spiritually entering proper 'adulthood.'

A reading is going to give you guidance and support around this pivotal life transition and to help you understand why you are going through this emotional rollercoaster and help calm the turmoil within.

Who it’s for:

You’re aged between 27-31 years old. You’re feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied in life, yearning for more. More soul. More joy. More satisfaction. A reading is going to give you guidance and support around this life transition and to help you understand why you are going through this emotional rollercoaster and turmoil within.

What’s included:

A live 75 minute call with me to run through your Saturn Return Human Design chart. Yes this differs to your natal human design return chart that’s done in a foundational reading + A 90 page guide on navigating your Saturn Return (based on what we discuss in our call).

How this reading will help you:

  • – Understand why everything is happening in your life particularly feelings of guilt, dread, anxiety, depression, heaviness, obligation and duty.

  • – Decipher what you are meant to learn from this passage in your life when it comes to relationships including your love life, your career and soul purpose.

  • – Practical tips and steps you can do to feel better and how to actually change and live your best life.

  •  The specific timings of your Saturn Return so you know the pressure points and can plan life accordingly.

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More information on your Saturn Return Human Design

Listen to my podcast episode on your Saturn Return

This episode explains your Saturn Return from a spiritual, energetic and human design lens. I share my own personal experience of going through my Saturn Return too. This episode shares what to expect as well as guidance on your Saturn Return.

Saturn Return Human Design Blueprint Only

Saturn Return Human Design Blueprint


A 90 page digital guide and roadmap to navigating your Saturn Return. We cover 26 energies (gates) of your Human Design and it also includes your energetic channels too + an overview. Pricing is in $USD.


Please note this is NOT the live call, this is to purchase the 90 digital human design blueprint for your Saturn Return only. Pricing is in $USD. If you would like me to explain, run through your Saturn Return and answer questions you can do so here:

My personal Saturn Return Story

Is actually unfolding as we speak, the beginning of mine was leaving my corporate job in advertising to being a full time life coach becoming an entrepreneur and business owner! 



Develop strategic, ideas-led, partnership opportunities that drive premium revenue and business outcomes for clients.

Create and pitch brief response proposals and presentations

Develop category, seasonal and audience based proactive presentations


My life purpose: to help others. As a life coach I help my clients to be more happier and confident. I’ve seen my clients heal from trauma, move forward from toxic relationships and the loss of loved ones, clients meet and marry the love of their lives, clients start their own businesses and so much more!

Working 8:30am – 5:30pm everyday

Working my own hours, 3 days a week. Wake up whenever I want to!

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They'll thank you for giving them a roadmap and guide to this life transit. They will feel so loved, supported and empowered!