This episode is all about how your period syncs up to the moon cycle in different phases. The most commonly known are the white moon cycle or red moon cycle, however did you know there is also the pink moon cycle and purple moon cycle? Learn more about your period, menstruation and moon cycles.

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Hello beautiful soul! 

Wow what a momentous week it has been. I started off the week not feeling great if I’m honest. On the dot of the peak full moon in Sagittarius we had last week, I got one of the heaviest periods I’ve ever had in a long time. We are talking no match for my period undies. So much so for two days I could barely get out of bed, I couldn’t even cross the road to the shops to buy pads. Bless my mum had to come help me this week as it was quite crippling and debilitating. 

She was so lovely despite the fact I was tearing up, frustrated and angry because I was triggered by a conversation we had. It took a lot for me to ask my mum to come help me as I live alone and I don’t like to rely on anyone really. I was annoyed finding myself wishing I had a partner who could help me you know?

Life coaches have triggers too

Don’t get me wrong I am so happy and I do enjoy being single. It’s given me so much time to reflect, work on myself and business after a break up which again was around a year ago. It’s crazy how life changes on the other side and no regrets. I am truly living my best life but I still have my moments.

It was a triggered reminder despite how successful and happy I am in life with my business, friends that I was single and love seemed to be evading me. A very human moment and I ultimately am so grateful my mum was able to help me. Even as a life coach, I still get triggered. 

What matters is I face my triggers, I don’t run from them. That meant throwing a tantrum in the moment and apologising to my mum after. That meant going into shadow work about why I felt ashamed being so successful but wanting love too it felt weak but it’s not, it’s a very human desire. 

Looking at my human design helped too because I am single definition which means I am actually naturally wired to be independent and not need anyone, that doesn’t mean I can’t want someone and to be transparent that’s where I am at. I don’t need a partner for financial, emotional support or connection but yes I do desire it!

Phi Dang x Rise & Conquer Podcast

What else has been happening? In divine timing my episode with Georgie Stevenson on the Rise & Conquer podcast came out which was very exciting. Thank you so much for all your beautiful messages and I am so happy to be meeting everyone through human design readings. I have opened my calendar up with more availabilities so if you’d like a reading please book in, I would love to connect with you and read your human design chart. 

It’s been incredible what’s been uncovered in the readings I’ve had this week from loved ones who have passed away making appearances, picking up on pregnancies as well as uncovering karmic relationships and predicted ex’s returning for clients!

If you haven’t listened to the episode with Georgie, I’ll link it in the show notes because I do a live reading for Georgie if you have ever been interested as to what goes on in a reading. She said it was one of the most mind blowing interviews she has done which made my heart so happy. If you love this podcast, you’ll absolutely love her podcast Rise & Conquer too.

2 weeks until book launch!

Not only that I cannot believe that we are under 2 weeks away from my book The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living an Aligned and Authentic Life to release and being officially published worldwide. For those in Australia and New Zealand listening, if you order from Booktopia have kindly given me a code PHI2023 for you to use for a cheeky little discount! 

Let's talk about the P word... periods

Post personal update, now periods aren’t all doom and gloom, I definitely want to release and talk about on another episode all about periods. In general. We need to talk more about our periods. What impacts and influences our period such as stress levels and the pill. What it means to have our periods physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Upon reflection, I feel so happy I am in a place where I can talk about this open and freely without judgement through my own personal work. I used to think talking about periods was taboo and gross when I was heavily in my masculine energy for my corporate career (not only that I also I felt it was awkward when I had my corporate job talking about air marks “personal” things but not anymore!).

Being on your period, menstruation, intuition

In fact I posted on my Instagram stories this week asking a poll, that on your period you actually are at your most intuitive and an overwhelming amount of people did not know that. Now in saying that periods and moon cycles are linked when you are not on the pill. This is because spiritually it is believed that women without hormonal birth control naturally fall to ovulating with the moon cycle either the new or full moon and in between when going through a life transition.

Medical Disclaimer

Please note before I begin this episode I am not a medical professional by any means. I am not sharing medical advice or guidance. I am sharing this episode from a spiritual perspective and through my own personal experiences of menstruation and moon cycles. Please use your discernment, take what resonates and discard the rest. 

When it comes to your health, consult your doctor as well as a naturopath (as personally having a naturopath really helped me when it came to all things period and cycles). For me personally working with a naturopath and coming off the pill within a few months my cycle naturally synced to the new moon cycle and in the past year ago has shifted naturally to the full moon cycle. 

Etymology of menstruation and moon

So what does the moon have to do with periods/your menstrual cycle. It dates back in history. The terms menstruation is derived from the Latin mensis (‘month’), which in turn is linked with the Greek mene (‘moon’) and the roots of the English words month and moon. The menstrual cycle of 28 days is roughly the same as the fact the moon has 28 days in it’s cycle. Please do note sometimes this is considered 29 days, even 29.5 days and they don’t exactly sync up — it’s a general guideline. Also consider Monday stems from Moon-day. 

How and why your period is linked to the moon

Scientifically it’s been said there’s no correlation but that doesn’t mean it’s not true again there are many things that science cannot prove such as intuition itself. Spiritually speaking we know the moon affects nature such as the ocean and tides. In fact traditionally farmers used to harvest according to the moon. 

Bringing up water again, you could also say we are a body of e-m-oceans (get it?). We know animals are also impacted by the moon in terms of behaviour. Going further along this line of theory, you can say humans have a high water content and are animals, you get the point. I will make the assumption if you are listening to this you have an open mind and likely consider yourself spiritual. 

The moon, the divine feminine and Native American mythology

The moon spiritually is representative of the feminine. As a modern society we have lost touch with our roots and origins in nature, such as women congregating in red tents together at the time of their bleed. There’s a beautiful passage from Native American stories that goes as such:

“One day, a woman was out in the forest crying because burden had become so great, a raven heard here and asked why as she responded ‘I love my family so very much. I hold my family in my heart and soul, but the pains of life have filled me up. I can no longer help my family. I can no longer take their burdens from them. I just don’t know what to do.”

The Raven responded that it understood the pain and sought out Grandmother Ocean advice. 

Grandmother Ocean spoke to her sister, the Grandmother Moon, of the women’s plight. Grandmother Moon responded, ‘I am the power of the feminine. I will send into the women, my sisters, your waters carrying my power. Once every moon cycle, you shall come into the women through me and purify them.’ And, she did this. Ever since then, every woman has a time each moon cycle when she embodies the power of the moon and her flow is the cleansing of the ocean. We call this the woman’s time of the moon, or moon-time.”

This was an excerpt from The Bringer of Life: A Cosmic History of the Divine Feminine by Hayley A. Ramsey.

The moon like our menstrual cycle represents different phases birth, emergence, death and rebirth. The cyclical nature. The ebb and flow.

Moon cycles aren't just white and red moon

The two most talked about menstruation moon cycles are either the ‘white moon’ cycle or a ‘red moon’ cycle. However there’s actual four including the ‘pink moon’ cycle and ‘purple moon cycle’ No cycle is better than the other! It’s best to go with the flow (pun intended) and see where your body is naturally geared towards. Just like the moon different phases for different energies. Do note it can change in different times in your life too, for me intuitively as I awakened more into my gifts, deeply surrendering and trusting it aligned with a red moon cycle as I did more intuitive work through 1:1 coaching and human design readings. I was still intuitive on my white moon cycle! 

White Moon cycle is when you bleed with the new moon and ovulate during the full moon. A red moon cycle is when you bleed with the full moon and ovulation during the new moon. A pink moon cycle is when you bleed when the full moon is transitioning into the new moon (the waning moon phase). The pink moon cycle occurs during the first quarter moon, the waxing moon between the new moon and full moon whereas the purple moon cycle occurs during the waning moon which is the last quarter of the moon transitioning from full moon to new moon. 

The easiest way to figure out where you fall is to track your periods, day 1 being when you first bleed and you can easily look online to see what phase the moon is in or look outside at the moon and you’ll see too!

White Moon Cycle

The White Moon cycle is most common. This cycle mirrors the traditional cycle and energies of the moon. Bleeding occurs when the moon is it’s darkest, with the energy going inwards whereas ovulating is when the moon is at it’s brightest (the full moon). 

Traditionally this is associated with women in the ‘mother’ phase of their life because well before artificial light, people would have fun when there was light including under the moon. That’s also because when you’re ovulating your sex drive is the highest so for the white moon cycle during the full moon your wild woman may be unleashed. 

In modern days we would say women who are pouring energy into themselves and potentially those around them too. You don’t have to be a mother or wanting to be a mother in this phase. It’s the cycle linked to Mother Earth too – being amongst and grounded in nature as well as fertility which is also about being creative, nurturing, nourishing.

Are you taking on the role of nourisher and nurturer in relationships around you if you don’t have children such as family, friends or colleagues. Perhaps this energy is going into nourishing a channel that needs nurturing such as a new task, creative outlet, project, business venture.

Purple Moon Cycle

Purple Moon Cycle aligns with the waning phase of the moon moving from brightness to darkness. If you find yourself bleeding in this phase it’s often a call for release: slowing down, healing, reflection and rest. Just like the moon herself growing smaller, withdrawing into the darkness. 

In terms of seasons this is like Autumn or Fall. Shedding what no longer serves you and letting go. Figuring out where you want to direct your energies. Seeking change whether that’s how you live your life, where you live, careers and relationships. 

Perhaps if you have children they are becoming more independent or you are not wanting children or at peace with not having them. 

It’s also akin to a caterpillar going into the cocoon. Perhaps you are going into shadow work, the darker hidden aspects of self. Doing the deep inner work to emerge a butterfly. See yourself if you are in this phase like your period is a portal to being more receptive to downloads and signs available to you and grounding as after a full moon it can be intense at times.

Red Moon Cycle

Bleeding occurs when the moon is it’s light at the new moon therefore it has been said women who are able to hold space in the darkness because they can innately connect to their own darkness. 

In ancient times, the red moon cycle was associated with shamanism, witches, high priestesses, and healers directing their energy outwards in times of bleed to  help others from their own experience and wisdom. 

Do note this isn’t always the case as I’ve found on a red moon cycle I don’t always feel like being vibrant and outwards facing. If you are in this cycle of your life you may be more focused on self growth, personal development and mentorship. In terms of children it could be finishing having children or postponing having children. It’s also a phase known to be more in touch with your physicality, your body, your sexuality. 

Pink Moon Cycle

Pink Moon Cycle aligns with the waxing phase of the moon moving from darkness to light. If you find yourself bleeding in this phase it’s often a transition: a call for stepping into and expanding into your power, coming into your strength. 

A new self discovery phase. Coming out of rest and reflection into love and light. Aligning to the archetype of the Maiden, like Spring energy, playful, curious, enthusiastic, a new direction, more energy mentally and physically and greater clarity. 

This stage maybe you are feeling called to be more bold and tapping into your feminine.

Within your period is a moon and seasonal cycle

The coloured moon cycles are for when you bleed what cycle you are in.

Within the typical cycle for menstruation it goes (white moon cycle):

  1. New Moon/Menstruation/Winter
  2. Waxing/Follicular/Spring
  3. Full/Ovulation/Summer
  4. Waning/Luteal/Autumn/Fall

Remember the order and what stage it represents change as the order as stated reflects the traditional white moon cycle so if you’re on a red moon cycle it’s flipped mensturation isn’t your winter but your summer as an example.

When it comes to the cycle the best thing to do is be aware of your own timings and note things down so you can see patterns that emerge in terms of your energy and mood.

Things you can do to align with the moon cycle 

Do note in terms of the moon and syncing with it, medication, illness, stress and food consumption. Seriously I’ve had month long bleeds whilst being very stressed in my corporate job and also being on the wrong pill for me previously that did not agree with my body.

To realign with the moon here are some tips it’s about going back to the natural beat and rhythm of nature. For example your circadian rhythm is highly affected by light and in turn artificial light. Think scrolling at night. Laptops at night. Blue light. Minimise use of screens at night. Use softer, dimmed light like a salt lamp. 

I’ve not tried this myself but I’ve read online you can try sleeping in complete darkness 14 days in the lead up to the full moon, then during the 3 days of the full moon dimmed light and then back to darkness. 

Alternatively sleeping with your curtains open or ajar to allow natural moonlight to filter through.By that same thinking because when there’s a new moon it isn’t as visible in the sky so that’s when you want to keep your room as dark as natural to mimic the absence of the moon’s light.

You can immerse yourself in nature particularly during the day as our ancestors would be, particularly in or by the ocean which we know is so heavily influenced by the moon. You can also bring nature to you, have plants around you. You can even try moonbathing which is the same principle as sun bathing, going outside when the moon is in full view and soaking in the energy of it. 

Best crystal for your period and moon cycle

I have a lot of people ask me about crystals and the obvious one to work with for your period and moon cycles is moonstone. Obvious as the stone is connected with the moon and nevertheless a great stone to support connecting to feminine energy. It goes back to ancient civilisations and times where they believe moonstone was part of the moon itself once, formed through drops of moonlight. The divine feminine associated with moonstone is Diana. She was associated in the times of the Romans with hunting and protector of childbirth. Her Greek equivalent is Artemis.

You can have moonstone next to you as your sleep and if you’re lying down or meditating having it placed on your womb space. With any crystals of course make sure they are cleansed physically and energetically before using and after using. 

Periods and seed cycling

As I’ve mentioned it’s worth speaking to a naturopath or holistic health expert. I’ve recently learned about seed cycling which is a gentle way to rebalance your hormones incorporating different seeds depending on different parts of your cycle to help your hormones. The seeds being pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, sunflower and sesame seeds. 

I hope today’s episode has spread light and given you more awareness about your period and how it aligns with the moon cycle. Use this episode as a springboard to your own deeper enquiry and investigation. Until next time beautiful soul, take care.

Phi Dang