MAY IS MENTAL HEALTH MONTH 🧡 9 Powerful Reminders You Need To Hear (refer to post above and move through the carousel) 

Mental health is for a conversation and important every single day not just in May (which is to raise awareness).

Mental health does not discriminate.

It happens to anyone at any age, gender, race and place in their life.

Even if you’ve done the work, done the healing, seen professionals it can pop back up again.

Mental health is a journey not a destination.

Mental health is not being happy all the time and thinking positively.

There’s nothing wrong with you for having a diagnosis. It does not define you.

It’s not weird or shameful to have a diagnosis.

Looking after your mental health looks different for everyone.

You are not alone.

Please tag, send and share this with everyone. Let’s raise awareness for mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Let’s talk about it to create conversation and change for the better 👊🏽

Phi Dang