It’s okay, even though it doesn’t seem or appear to be. 

It’s okay to wobble, to fall, to stumble, to trip. It happens when you’re doing your best outside your comfort zone. It happens when you are pushing beyond the edges of your fears to expand. 

This is the space, the void, where growth truly occurs, where you discover strengths you never knew you had. 

It’s in these moments of uncertainty, instability and challenge that you build resilience and character. 

Every step taken beyond your familiar is a stride towards a more courageous, confident, and capable version of yourself. Embracing discomfort is not easy, but you’re doing it beautiful soul because you’re unlocking your full potential and that’s a beautiful, brave thing. Keep going.

The wobbles and stumbling are perceived as a sign of weakness or perhaps failing and not doing something right… so you beat yourself up, you hear the negative self talk — criticism, disapproval and you feel awful 😣

Here’s the thing, if you’re wobbling and stumbling it’s because you’re doing something! You’re not staying still, you’re moving and that is progress.

Embracing the discomfort that comes with taking action, leaning into growth isn’t easy but a necessary part of growth.

Growth often starts with a moment, a decision to try!

Be proud of the wobbles and stumbles, don’t let it deter you but strengthen you 🌱

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love & positivity ✨ phi

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Phi Dang