The darkest season

The darkest season of your life will precede your greatest breakthroughs and the emergence of light so beautiful, it will ripple and sparkle in your eyes.

The darkest season is full of painful kisses from thorns of roses.

The darkest season is the deep void, floating in the abyss or dwelling at rock bottom.

The darkest season inevitably comes with the pain of shedding who you were to become more of your authentic self.

It is all worth it for the light that will emerge once again.

The light of the bloom.

The light of love and self compassion.

The light of your wings ready to soar and fly high.

The light of your heart, full of deep gratitude and experience from the darkest season.

Trust the magic veiled by darkness

The darkest season will ask you to honour endings to begin again. To trust and have faith in what is happening beneath the surface.

To surrender to the greatest mysteries.

To be held by the divine.

To be cradled by love.

You are not broken.

You are healing.

You are being reborn.

Trust the process.

Trust the journey.

Trust the magic veiled by darkness.

It is only then you will truly come to understand why everything happens 🌹

Under the blanket of darkness life is initiating you 🧨

love & positivity ✨ phi

I would love to bring light to your world and help you integrate the darkness and shadows into your life to fully bloom… 🌹

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Phi Dang