Even stars need darkness to shine

Not all of life can be lived in the light.

There are times life is calling us to the shadows – to grow, evolve and expand far greater than we ever have before.

The void.

The darkness.

The womb space.

The caterpillar must go into the cocoon to emerge a butterfly.

The phoenix must die to be reborn and emerge from the ashes.

The dark night of the soul must take pace for the awakening.

The seedling must be planted and covered in dirt to beautifully bloom.

Even stars and the moon need darkness in order to shine…

The light is there, hidden

With the darkness in life it’s not always as it appears to be.

Beneath the veil of darkness and in the unseen. The light is there, hidden ✨

You cannot fully perceive the changes unfolding, but just because you can’t does not mean that they aren’t happening… everything being lined up in perfect timing perfectly for you.

Perhaps reflect in your life during difficult times that felt like the end of the world yet were the springboard and catalyst to something greater, more than you realised and could perceive at the time.

Perhaps the darkness was your great
We need the darkness as much as the, it’s natural as night and day.

If you’re in the darkness now, this is a sign and affirmation to trust and have faith in the process.

All will be revealed 💡

I know it’s not easy, I believe in you 🌟

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang