Rest is important

The importance of rest cannot be understated.

It isn’t just about sleeping or taking a break.

It’s also about nourishment — true restoration.

We get so caught up in hustle culture or believing busyness = worthiness.

These linguistic perspectives share insights of wisdom.

Depressed means deep rest

Depression as deep rest — rest isn’t a luxury it’s a vital need and component to our overall health, wellbeing and vitality. Deep rest can also allow us for moments of deep introspection. Deep rest can call for us to unburden ourselves, the weight of the pressures and expectations placed on us and to truly reevaluate what is important and to recalibrate to being your true and authentic self.

Forest means for rest

Forest as for rest 🌳 nature holds a special magic and soulful medicine, it’s for us. A place of tranquility, a sanctuary, a place that reminds us of the inherent qualities of life: rhythms, patterns, cycles. An invitation to rejuvenate be reconnecting with our inner peace and having clarity to be listen to your heart and soul.

Healthy self means heal thy self

Healthy self as healthy thy self — to prioritise self care and step into your personal power. Assessing what gives you energy and what drains it. What can you control and what can’t you?

Rest is powerful

Rest isn’t weakness or slowing down, it’s a powerful practice of self care, self love and self preservation. May you make time for true, deep and healing rest for yourself as we often do for others but forget ourselves. This is your sign.

Support your heart and soul

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