Perhaps it's time for change...

Why is it that the person we are hardest on is ourselves?

We seem to be so understanding and compassionate towards others, yet we seem to forget ourselves.

Don’t be so hard on yourself beautiful soul, you are doing the best you can with whatever is going on right now.

You’ve been through so much already.

You are strong.

You are a survivor.

Life is already tough, you don’t need to be even tougher on yourself.

Perhaps you could bring more love to all parts of yourself?

Perhaps you could make peace with all the doubts and worries that snake around in your mind.

Perhaps you could meet yourself with more tenderness.

Perhaps it’s time to be less hard on yourself…

A gentle reminder

A gentle reminder and love letter from your heart and soul 🧡

You can do it all.

You are full of possibilities.

You have so much potential.

Yes, yes, yes!

You are also human (the best and most beautiful thing).

You will make mistakes.

You will get tired.

You may get sidetracked.

And that’s okay.

Remember that hate, shame and guilt will never fuel sustainable growth.

Let love lead the way always 🧡

love & positivity ✨ phi

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Phi Dang