All will be well. Even when it doesn’t feel that way. I think it’s so beautiful that you allow yourself to feel so deeply. I think it’s so beautiful how you mourn the ending of a chapter. I think it’s so beautiful that your tears fuel your growth and rebirth. I think it’s so beautiful how you hold onto the light despite the darkness that may temporarily cloud you. I think it’s so beautiful because you’re about to bloom. It’s so beautiful that you’ve allowed heartbreak to crack open your heart even wider to more. More love. More light. More hope. More of everything you deserve.

There is so much beauty in being the fullest expression of you, in being human — imperfectly perfect, feeling every layer and nuance that there is.

May you see the growth that lies in each experience.

May you hold on despite tough days and hard seasons.

May you keep going to see your full potential 🌻

love & positivity ✨ phi

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Phi Dang