Resonated deeply with human design?

Think of this human design reading as your yearly update or birthday human design reading!

Receive guidance on themes to come for the year.

What your strengths will be.

What challenges and obstacles may come up.

Where you are open to conditioning and influence.

How to align with your highest self.

Get ahead in the year with this human design reading.

Yearly Human Design Reading

What is to come in the new year for you!

Who it’s for:
Anyone who’s done a foundational human design reading (that is your native human design that never changes).

What’s included:
A live 60 minute call with me as we run through what’s ahead for you in the year + 90 page human design guide of what we discuss to keep – think of it as your roadmap and manual for the year full of tips on how to navigate life during the year.

Yearly (Solar Transit) Human Design Blueprint Only

Yearly Solar Transit Human Design Blueprint


A 60+ page digital guide and roadmap to navigating the year ahead (ideally around +/- 3 months of your birthday). We cover 26 energies (gates) of your Human Design and it also includes your energetic channels too + an overview. Pricing is in $USD.


Please note this is NOT the live call, this is to purchase the 90 digital human design blueprint for the year ahead only. Pricing is in $USD. If you would like me to explain, run through your year ahead and answer questions you can do so here:

Gift a Human Design Reading to Someone

They'll thank you for giving them a roadmap for life and soul guidance!