Solar Eclipse

  • 71 – Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse April 2024

    Information on the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse taking place April 2024 on the 8th and 9th. Phi reveals how the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse may impact you individually as well as collectively with themes of new beginnings, purpose, destiny and healing. Within this episode are also journaling prompts and questions for the Aries Solar Eclipse.

    New beginnings with the Aries Solar Eclipse in April 2024

    Hi beautiful souls, the time has come and it is the Aries new moon solar eclipse visible across North America on the 8th of April! This will be Tuesday the 9th of April if you’re in Australia like me. Though as we know we can feel the energy strongly a few days either side of the peak. This is the partner eclipse to the Libra full moon eclipse that happened towards the end of March a few week backs around the 23rd/24th if you recall. Whilst Libra will return later in the year with more eclipse energy to come, we won’t see eclipse energy in Aries again for the rest of 2024 until it returns at the end of March in 2025.

    Thus sets the scene with another bonus new year energy start if you haven’t felt that yet with all guns are blazing with this energy about new beginnings and fresh starts. Aries kickstarts the zodiac as we know and with the eclipse chapters, Aries points towards our future and destiny astrologically. 

    Energy, life force and self with the nature of the Solar Eclipse

    The solar eclipse will temporarily have the sun, representing our life force and energy, disappear. Eclipses energetically impact people differently, either you may be highly energised perhaps even restless and impatience. On the other hand it can also trigger intense emotions and exhaustion too. Do note this energy remains for the next six months if you aren’t necessarily feeling any changes immediately again this is very personal and depends on each person and their chart.

    With the momentary darkness it’s also symbolic of being cosmically guided to turn within, as with the eclipses some believe it is not about manifesting as traditionally with a new moon but more being aware of the present moment, taking a moment to reflect and pointing our intentions towards the future. This is further amplified by the independent nature of Aries as opposed to Libra in the lunar eclipse last time where I talked about how relationships were more of a thematic.

    Mercury Retrograde and the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse

    As part of the current collective energies, take note we are currently in Mercury Retrograde since the beginning of April until the end around the 25th so take extra care in ensuring clear communications and the well known potential impacts on technology and travel too. Especially with Aries collective energy it can be easy to let fiery energy take over in communications so be mindful of passion, anger, zest and blunt honesty. 

    Chiron and the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse

    Chiron the planet representing the wounded healer will also be taking part of the action, astrologically aligning in the heart of the solar eclipse. Energetically, traditionally Chiron in Aries collectively may bring up the following themes:

    Wound of the self: confidence and being self assured 

    The sun represents the masculine and Aries is ruled by Mars which is also headstrong and masculine in nature; so perhaps anything around the masculine including male figures such as father ones and qualities like taking action, guidance and protection. 

    Chiron Solar Eclipse Journaling Prompts

    Taking all of this into account with the new moon solar eclipse; here are some journal prompts to consider;

    What new insights or paths are being illuminated for you right now in your path of healing? 

    If you are feeling off track, what is being revealed to help you get back on track with your destiny in this lifetime? 

    Have you been stopping into your power by taking actual action in regards to your desires and dreams? If not what’s holding you back from taking action and how could you potentially overcome this?

    In what area of your life, have you been giving power away or leaking power in your life?

    In what way has a dominating energy triggered you into feeling less of your full powerful self? 

    Check in and reflect on your current perspective of your self worth and sense of identity.

    The last time Chiron in Aries was temporarily between April – September 2018 and February 2019, you may want to reflect what was going on for you in terms of the above for further context and check in from then vs now. More Aries new moon eclipse journaling prompts later on in this episode.

    Pisces is also a part of the cosmic forces and it’s presence is highly spiritual reminding us to hold steady with our faith and belief with everything unfolding, that it is helping us to be more aware and grow (even when it doesn’t actually feel like it at this moment in time right now). 

    Channeling the Solar Eclipse energy

    Feeling into my personal perspective and channeling on the current collective energies and April 2024 generally: l I really believe it’s all about tapping into our inner fire: think themes of renewal, resparking the flame, processing anger that may be within ourselves in a healthy and motivating manner. 

    There’s a momentum, energy is moving as opposed to slowing which was really felt heavily at the end of March. With the fire comes the light, there’s been a huge density between the lunar eclipse to now: heaviness, emotions, anxiety; so much more light is trickling in and thus forcing out denseness to emerge and be lifted and cleansed. 

    It doesn’t feel quiet nor calm, I know I said at the beginning going inwards but more feeling an energy. The theme of chaos comes up but it’s more like a lot is going on, embracing all that pops up and navigating with a sense of adventure as opposed to overwhelming destruction.

    Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse Journaling Prompts April 2024

    Rounding out this episode and the journaling questions for the Aries new moon solar eclipse in April 2024 are the following:

    In what ways are you battling yourself? Are you fighting or at war with yourself? If so how can you realign with support? 

    The last time there was a similar Aries eclipse to the current was in April 2005, this may serve as reflection point for you during this time to consider. 

    Where do your current passions in life lie and where have you lost passion in your life? Is it time to let go for a new one or can it be resparked? Where could you be more fired up in life?

    What clarity do you currently have on your purpose and destiny? How can you put this into action moving forward over the next six months? 

    Thinking of you during this solar eclipse and should you need further support and guidance, I invite you to connect with me for either 1:1 coaching or a human design reading, currently there is plenty availability in April! Grateful for you beautiful soul, until next time: love & positivity. 

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