• 76: Sagittarius Full Moon May 2024

    All about the Sagittarius full moon taking place during Gemini season of May 2024. Found out themes related to the Sagittarius full moon such as abundance, perspective and foundations. This episode includes journaling prompts for the Sagittarius full moon in May 2024 too.

    Collective energy leading up to Sagittarius full moon

    Hi beautiful soul, how are you? It’s been a little break since the last podcast episode however this morning I woke up with a strong, clear message to do a podcast on the full moon that is taking place in Sagittarius on the 23rd of May. The portal will be open over the next few days and will likely ease next week.

    It’s a beautiful one nicknamed the flower moon. Know that if you’ve been feeling heavier, denser, more tired and emotional that you aren’t alone, the collective energies have been definitely feeling that way so this is a powerful time to reset and let go. It’s also really interesting I feel like there’s been a lot of karmic healing, growth and lessons taking place, it’s something that’s been really strong in the human design readings I’ve done this week and I’m really feeling a call to do more karmic work with clients and within readings which on a side note if you are interested, I do have availability so if you’re feeling the call, I invite you to book into a human design reading with me!

    Challenges and blessings of this Sagittarius full moon

    It makes a lot of sense given Sagittarius is the sign of the centaur and as many of you will know of which is the symbol for Chiron, the wounded healer. This is amplified given Pluto in the sky whilst the full moon is taking place too (all about the subconscious and spiritual rebirth energy), heightening emotions, relationships and situations at this time. 

    We are always rewarded for doing the work including delving into our deepest wounds and shadow work, this moon very much has a lucky, auspicious and optimistic energy that accompanies it too for the blessed planets of Venus and Jupiter are meeting in the sign of Taurus which won’t happen again for another 12 years! Something of note should you have Taurus placements within your chart. 

    In contrast to other episodes I’ve done where I typically share journaling questions all at the end, for this one I’ll be sprinkling them throughout with the themes that arise so it’s one of those podcasts you may like to listen fully once, go back and go through or as you go pause, reflect or journal.

    Let’s divine into the Sagittarius full moon taking place on May 23 2024 this year.

    Perspective and acceptance

    What I’m feeling called to share is that this is a full moon of perspective, it’s abundant and invites us to dissolve the seriousness and heaviness into a feeling of lightness. A key to a part of this is acceptance, where are you perhaps resisting accepting something because when we can accept something, whilst we may not like it, it removes a sense of burden. Maybe you’re frustrated at doing things recently and you can’t see any progress yet. This full moon assures you that everything is adding up and culminating into the bigger picture. The littlest of things do count.

    Is there anything in your life that calls for acceptance right now? Perhaps something you’ve been resistant, why? Can you find a way to accept what it is?

    Reconnect with the new moon in Sagittarius

    This particular full moon links to the Sagittarius New Moon that took place around the 12th/13th of December last year in 2023. It’s a full circle moment so things you may have manifested then may come to fruition now.

    What was going on in your life back then and how have things changed? 

    What were the little niggly things back then and how have the evolved now? Do they still matter? Did they get resolved?

    Letting go to bloom

    This full moon is nicknamed as the flower moon based on Native American Tribes in North America based on the arrival of Spring and with that comes plenty of flowers hence also abundance vibes. The old english name for this moon was the “milk moon” because it was a plentiful time where cows would be milked up to three times a day too! 

    What are you ready to release to make way for more and new beginnings in your life?

    What are all the possibilities available to you in your life right now and in the future?

    Reflect on areas of your life where you’ve experienced growth. How has this growth contributed to a feeling of abundance?

    As the seasons change, nature lets go of the old and embraces new growth. How can you apply this natural cycle to your own life to foster abundance and growth?

    It was such a game changer for me learning that I am meant to be what can be labeled as emotional, sensitive or moody (many of which are likely people with an open solar plexus in human design or those who themselves are not comfortable with feeling). 

    Foundations of the Sagittarius Full Moon

    The two star signs associated with this full moon Sagittarius and Gemini (the season of which we are in) can be linked to metaphorical foundations. Sagittarius for exploration and growth (in particular spiritual and philosophically). Gemini for ideas and communication.

    What foundations do you have in place for growth and change in your life right now? How have they evolved over time such as your attitude towards adventure and change as well as communication with others?  Reflect on the core beliefs and philosophies that guide your life. How have your experiences and knowledge you’ve sought shaped these beliefs? How do they serve as the foundation for your decisions and actions?

    It was such a game changer for me learning that I am meant to be what can be labeled as emotional, sensitive or moody (many of which are likely people with an open solar plexus in human design or those who themselves are not comfortable with feeling). 

    Letting go practice for the flower moon

    A letting go practice given all the themes discussed in this episode would be to involve flowers! It would be so beautiful to get some flowers, and with each petal imagine putting into it the energy of something you would like to let go of then plucking it off. With the petals you could either have a nice bath with it or place in a bowl of water under the full moon (and pour into the garden the next day).

    Play with the flower moon

    The final piece to this all is Sagittarius is know to be fun and playful so this episode concludes on a question? How can you make space to bring more joy into your life right now?

    Sagittarians love to travel to expand their horizons too so it might be fun to also think about upcoming travel you have or plan a trip (even if you don’t follow through allow yourself to dream and be in the energy of it!).

    Loved speaking to you about the Sagittarius full moon beautiful soul. Should you feel a calling to change, shift and pivot in your life or need support and guidance, I got you. I have spaces available in 1:1 coaching and human design readings so get in touch if you’re feeling the pull. Until next time beautiful soul, love and positivity. 

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