• When you grow, you will meet resistance

    The path to expansion and consciousness is not easy. If it was everyone would be doing it!

    It’s a path paved of triggers and resistance.

    Oh? I have to drop everything that I “think” I know? 🧠

    Your identity.

    Who you know yourself to be based on your past and the experiences you’ve had.

    The opinions and recognition of others.

    How you are defined in relation to your family, friends, colleagues and partner.

    Your beliefs.

    This has to be true because you say so…? Or is it? How did you form this belief? Is it yours? Where did it come from? 🤔

    Your life story made up of past moments, who you think you are now and who you want to be constructed in the future.

    Your opinions. You must have one or you have one and people need to hear it!!!?

    And the hardest of all… your ego!

    The resistance is normal. It’s showing you where you are keeping yourself small and stuck.

    Open up.

    Melt to the resistance.

    Be with the resistance 🧡

    You’ll see doors 🚪 where there were walls before as they say… ✨

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

    ⚡️ feeling a lot of resistance and heaviness? I can help you. Lets work together to lift the load so you can become truly free… 🦋

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