Power of now

  • Space enables you to grow and receive

    If you don’t make S P A C E in your life, how are you going to grow? 🌱 how are you going to receive more?

    What if the space is crowded by heavy energy, stuck energy?

    I’m talking physically.

    Everything around you takes up space and energy from forks in your kitchen drawer to pieces of clothing, socks, shoes…

    What about the people you surround yourself with?

    Your environment?

    What about mental space.

    Is there space in your thoughts for downloads to arise? Insights to come the surface? Awareness? 💡

    Or is the past cluttering your presence here right now.

    Hoarding in every crevice of your mind.

    Draining and leaking your power and energy.

    Or are you stuck in a whirlpool of endless thoughts going back and forth, back and forth…




    S P A C E

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

    🌳 ready to make way for space to breathe and grow? Expand and be your highest self? Get in touch with me lets evolve together through 1:1 coaching ✨

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  • Be here in the present moment

    Want to know the secret to feeling lighter and more free instantly?

    It is being here in the present moment.

    Here right now.

    The past is dead and gone.

    Yet we replay scenarios over and over in our head.

    How could I have done it better or differently?

    Why can’t life be like that again?

    The future hasn’t just happened.

    We obsess with getting to the final destination when everything is right with life.

    All we desire is a reality.

    Right here, is just right.

    Letting everything pop up and flow.

    Here, is. You just are.

    It is when we fight the present moment – falling back into the past or concentrating on the future that we deny reality.

    As a result we suffer. We get lost in our thoughts and identified with our mind. The stories. The DRAMAAAA!

    You lose the vibrancy of life.

    Time just slipping by…

    Return to here and now.

    It starts with this awareness and expands to creating space.

    Where are you? Are you here right now?

    Having trouble accessing the present moment? I can help you.

    Let’s work together through 1:1 coaching to overcome your negative self talk and draining mind chatter. Freedom is possible 🦋 

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

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