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  • On having a resilient mindset

    On keeping moving

    Truth bomb:

    I still struggle.

    I still have challenges.

    I still have doubts.


    I don’t quit.

    I don’t let it mean anything.

    I keep moving.

    Who is stronger? Your mind or YOU?

    🌶 this is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t – no sugar coating here 💣

    Nothing means nothing unless you let it…

    Even those you look up to are still human (duh!) but here’s the thing… the people you admire don’t let their negative self talk stop them from making moves which is why they are where they are today.

    It’s part of the human experience.

    Learning to detach from your thoughts and identify with them.

    Seeing the greatness in the bumps, redirections and uncertainty in the journey ahead.

    Learning to hear, speak and most importantly EMBODY your truth despite what can arise.

    Everything you go through is intentional to help you grow, expand and evolve.

    Many people think failure is the worst thing that can happen.

    The worst thing is to do nothing.

    The worst thing is regret.

    Staying still and stuck won’t get you anywhere, you might as well try something different whether it’s your thoughts or actions.

    Who is stronger, your mind or YOU?

    Remember you are not your thoughts, they are a product of your life experiences, upbringing, programming and conditioning.

    No matter how far you advance in your career, even when you have the dream relationship, job, life, friendships etc you will encounter new level = new devil.

    Enjoy the struggle, challenges and doubts it means you’re on the verge of new growth and how boring would life be if everything went your way?

    Here’s to you beautiful soul, keep going ⚡️

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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