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  • 56 – New Year Energy 2024

    Phi unveils the energetics of the new year ahead in 2024 through different lenses including human design, astrology, numerology, the chinese zodiac and her own personal take and channelling. This podcast episode will shed light on the cosmic energies and the prominent themes that emerge for 2024 to have a fulfilling and prosperous year ahead.

    The traditional new year: Gregorian Calendar

    Hi Beautiful Soul, how are you? 

    Happy New Year! I hope you had time to give yourself a break over the festive period. I did for the first time I can remember in a while and it was so rejuvenating but also overwhelming. For the first time in a long time I had a very busy jam packed Christmas and New Years on a personal level.

    I spent time with family, my partner who got us a trip to the wine region here in Australia and friends camping over new years. I feel so happy and content but I had to take a mini break for my break if that makes sense to recharge my social batteries and energy levels… now here I am!

    It’s 2024 and I wanted to start the year by chatting about the vibes and energy of 2024. 

    From a traditional sense, there’s a huge collective pressure and energy placed on the 1st of January symbolising new year based on the Western Gregorian calendar and it certainly brings a ‘new feeling to it’ however let it be known that different cultures around the world celebrate ‘new years’ at different times. 

    Energetic New Year: Perspectives

    Energetically speaking as I posted on my Instagram, energetically new years falls at different times between a time frame of January – March this year.

    Going by human design, the new year kicks off January 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere and 23rd in the southern Hemisphere and there’s actually four phases that occur prior to this date. More on that later in this episode.

    My background is Vietnamese so I celebrate Lunar New Year too which changes every year and this year falls on the 10th of February. Lunar New Year is based on a lunisolar calendar that combines moon cycles and sun cycles following the orbit off Jupiter (that planet representing good fortune and expansion around the sun). It ends up being on the day of the second New Moon after the December solstice.

    Particularly in the northern hemisphere, in terms of energy; New Years truly kicks off March 21st which is the first day of the Spring Equinox. This is because in past times, the equinox marks a shift when the day has become longer than darkness which represents new life and growth. 

    Based on the above, there’s an absolute permission slip in place for January, February and even March to still be digesting and processing the year that has just happened in 2023. Let there be more time and spaciousness for things to reveal themselves. Again it’s not restricted to these but I would say energetically the new year falls between end of January to mid March this year.

    When is it your energetic new year?

    Honestly there is no standard one size fits all approach, everyone is unique. You might be listening feeling raring to go, goals set or maybe you’re feeling tired and frustrated because you haven’t felt that ‘new year vibe’ yet. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ Give yourself permission to go with your own internal timings. 

    To kickstart the year I thought it would be really interesting to share different perspectives of what 2024 has to hold through different lenses and I’ll leave my own personal interpretation and channeling to the very end.

    Numerology of 2024: 8

    More specifically on 2024, in terms of numerology we’ve gone from a 7 year (which is 2+0+2+3) to now 8 (2+0+2+4).  We are shifting from a 7 year of personal growth and introspection to a universal 8 year of prosperity. 

    An 8 year has themes of success, achievement, financial abundance, power, and balance. In numerology, it is considered a powerful and ambitious number. It an 8 year there may be more of a focus on your career, finances and achieving dreams and goals. It’s a year where significant progress can be made. 

    The 8 in terms of balance and the infinity sign can also be seen as recalibration.

    An 8 year is also of faith and harvesting, repeating the bounties of previous investments and seeds you’ve planted. 

    How to work out your personal numerology for the year 2024

    The 8 is the backdrop and like all perspectives whether it’s human design or astrology, you also have your own personal number. For numerology that’s done by individually adding up the digits of your birth date, birth month and the number 8 until you get a single digit. 

    For example if your birthday is December 23 it would be

    2 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 8 = 16

    1 + 6 = 7. 

    A guide to numerology summary meanings

    All numbers have different meanings but a quick summary below:

    1 – New Beginnings: Initiation, Energy, Putting yourself as #1

    2 – Relationships: Partnerships, Harmony, Balance

    3 – Creativity: Imagination, Social, Expression, Truth

    4 – Foundation: Stability, Structure, Doing the Work

    5 – Change: Freedom, Adventure, Flexibility

    6 – Harmony: Family, Responsibility, Nurturing 

    7 – Introspection: Reflection, Personal Development, Insight

    8 – Abundance: Success, Achievements, Power

    9 – Completion: Closing the cycle, Endings, Reflection, Transformation 

    Chinese New Year Zodiac of 2024 Dragon

    Year of the dragon symbolising strength, power and good fortune. The dragon like the number 8 is seen as the most auspicious and luckiest of the 12 animals of the zodiac recementing 2024 as the year of opportunities and prosperity. The characteristics of the dragon are intelligence, leadership, ambition and charisma.  

    Note Chinese Zodiac goes by the year of your birth.

    From what I’ve seen the luckiest animals that align with this year of the Dragon are: Pig, Monkey, Rat, Goat/Sheep and Rooster. 

    Human Design New Year 2024

    Transits in human design last for 5-6 days. Think of transits in general as a spotlight on a particular energy collectively. For human design that revolves around the sun, so illuminating a particular theme to look at for the week. 

    Do note that transits also apply to certain moments in time or even the year such as a Saturn Return or a yearly chart reading – think of this like the weather forecast for your life ahead. I’ve started doing readings again for the year so if you’re interested message me on Instagram or check out my website. 

    In terms of human design transits: the week that has just gone was the energy of tension, a provocative energy to think about how the challenges and obstacles you faced in the year that’s happened and what your drive is for the year ahead, what is worth fighting for? The backdrop to this all is contemplation of your purpose and your spirit in the year that happened.

    Human Design 2nd Phase: Ambition January 5-10

    In this current week as the podcast goes live (second week of January) the energy leading up to the new year is ambition. This is where going off human design you may be now beginning to look towards the future. How can you start to tap into your drive and ambitions for the year? This is the week to be open to receiving energy and downloads around your intentions and goals. You can think of this in terms of archetypes as the achiever or entrepreneur. 

    It is a root energy so it can also bring this pressure to start something new again tune into your own timings as this may very well be the week you launch or it starts to stir up some energy as you bring in your energetic new year. Check in with your energy: are you stressed? are you high on adrenaline? 

    Things to consider and contemplate for the week: 

    What are your aspirations for the year? The download I’m getting here is to allow yourself to dream really big, that energy of shoot for the moon and if you miss you end up amongst the stars.

    What is your definition of success and ambition? For you maybe it’s progress in your career or perhaps its this year focusing on your health and wellbeing.

    Then we hone in and focus on bringing in ambitions into physical reality… 

    Do your actions align with your ambition? 

    What inspired actions for the year ahead are coming through? 

    Who are the people or resources you need to achieve your ambitions and feel supported? 

    What is coming through for you to start? Is there an idea or project that you’ve been thinking about where it feels right to birth and implement at some point this year? 

    This energy is also linked to the material plane, so money and financial considerations may also come through.

    Human Design The Shadow of Ambition


    The shadows to consider here of ambition is well blind ambition right? 

    This goes two ways perhaps being completely unrealistic of goals or being so focused you become so strongly fixated on achieving that you become blind to other factors such as your health e.g. overworking or perhaps doing things that aren’t in alignment with your values ethically and/or morally. How do you find that sweet spot of balancing ambition and also surrender (because not everything is in your control!).

    Ambition’s shadow also has a way of bringing out the comparison within us and it can be so easy to have that negative self talk of you’re not good enough, you’re behind, which can lead to feels of discontent and dissatisfaction. 

    From human design some checks and balances in addition to your contemplation above;

    Confidence: The importance of confidence and from societal conditioning we think that it comes from our achievements instead of looking within, do you believe in yourself? Confidence is an inside job.

    Resolve: how do you hold the vision and trust in the journey regarding your ambitions and aspirations? What is the interplay between success and failure?

    Integrity: how do you be ambitious in a way that you are proud of? That considers the impacts of your success and how you become successful. That sometimes the short cuts or being compromised aren’t worth it.

    Spirituality: It’s okay to desire success on the material plane, but what are your ambitions when it comes to your personal growth and development too? 

    Astrology New Year 2024

    There are so many events I couldn’t simply talk about the whole year so based on who listens to this podcast I’ve intuitively been guided to speak about milestone markers to be aware of this year in 2024 with regards to astrological events.

    Venus Retrogrades 2024

    One of the most markable things is that there will be no Venus Retrograde. Venus is associated with love, relationships, beauty, aesthetics, harmony and a tinge of money in astrology. When Venus goes retrograde, it often triggers reflection and reassessment in these areas of life.

    If you want to reflect, Venus Retrograde happened last year in 2023 around July 22nd – September 3rd, may be worth reflecting to see how you may have been impacted in terms of relationships and finances around those dates. Honing in perhaps you experienced challenges or delay in the matters of the heart, old wounds emerging around past relationships or ex partners resurfacing, a makeover or experimenting in terms of your beauty or personal style such as hair, make up and clothing.

    This is a great sign particularly if you are calling in and manifesting love, there are less likely to be setbacks, challenges and difficulties in a year without Venus Retrograde. Hint hint I am looking to have an offering in February around Valentine’s Day, watch this space!

    Mercury Retrogrades 2024

    We’ve just come out of one as we entered 2024 and this year there will be three retrograde periods in April, August and at the end of November. All three will be in the fire sign indicating more miscommunications, confusions and therefore clarity and reassessment in terms of our passions, desires and relationships. Particularly around expression: how can we express ourselves and be conscious perhaps shadows: ego, hot headedness, being firey and stubborn.

    To be aware we may become more frustrated, triggered and angry around our desires how to best express them to others and if others don’t share that same passion and energy. 

    Eclipses 2024

    Recalling 2023, we finished a major year series of Taurus and Scorpio partnered eclipses (January 2022-July 2023). In this chapter it was the interplay between the material world represented by Taurus and the metaphysical spiritual realm that Scorpio rules. The themes I felt apparent being money/security/foundation as well as the Scorpio bringing out the internal transformation: birth, death, rebirth, shadow work.

    From July last year we entered the new collective destiny markers in the signs of Aries and Libra (July 2023 – January 2025). Eclipses can be energetically intense and this year we will see eclipse action happening;

    March 25 – Lunar Eclipse in Libra

    April 8 – Solar Eclipse in Aries

    September 17 – Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

    October 2nd – Solar Eclipse in Libra

    Destiny Astrology Aries and Libra 2024

    This next chapter which kickstarted from July last year in 2023 until January 2025 what I’m feeling into the balance between self and another. Aries being bold, centre stage, inspired action, passionate and heated whereas Libra is about harmony, justice and balance. This I predict will see  relationships being a focal point with regards to boundaries, compromise and harmony. On a collective stage Aries symbolises war and we can see that having emerged from mid last year the tension between Aries fire of ambition and charging forward contrasted by Libra justice, fairness, equality, peace and love.

    When Aries is in charge things tend to move quickly too an accelerate so I’m getting quantum leaps energy, it’s about trusting in the timing, once things happen they’ll go fast so don’t stress, continue to take inspired, consistent action and the universe will take care of the rest. 

    This Aries energy is going to shine with the backdrop of numerology of ‘8’ and power we are going to see collectively more drive, ambition, motivation, striving towards goals and really owning what you want. 

    The last time a hint of this Aries energy leading the way interns of collective destiny was in the air was back at the end of 2004 in December and lasted until June 2006. This is 10 years ago, so perhaps things that happened a decade ago may pop back up to reveal how far you’ve come and what’s next.

    Phi's personal interpretation of 2024

    2023 was seen as a building year for many, and I know collectively it had it’s challenges but 2024 definitely has an energy of optimism, more light, a brighter future and so much potential. It won’t be without difficulties but it’s that energy of a rainbow after a storm. 

    2024 is a year of power, if you look at numerology the number 8 infinite, representing power and abundance and I mean look at the Chinese Zodiac the epitome of power in the dragon. The backdrop astrologically of Aries and Libra also about power – Aries being bold, stepping into it and the shadow aspects of conflict, clash and fieriness in balance with Libra and I interpret as power dynamics in relations to others too. 

    When I channel the word ‘leadership’ also comes through: stepping up, stepping into your power, stepping into your potential, stepping into the spotlight, being a leader, self leadership and leading yourself. 

    Manifestation also springs to mind but the actualisation of all you desire. If 2023 was the dreaming, 2024 is making it happen. It’s about taking the inner work of 2023 and embodying it in 2024. 

    8 is also the number of the divine feminine. I think this year masculine and feminine energetics will be something more of note finding that balance (again that 8 symbolism of the infinity) and given the 8 year a definite awareness to accessing divine feminine power and energy: to be feeling confident, courageous and empowered. 

    All in all 2024 is set to be another transformative year with a lot of hope and positivity to look forward to. This is the human design week to starting aligning our energy to that of our ambitions knowing the backdrop is of good luck, fortune and opportunities in 2024. 

    Work with Phi in 2024 - Life Coaching Human Design

    In terms of what I have to offer in 2024 I am putting the call out for 1:1 coaching I would love to start the journey with you in making 2024 your best year yet. If you’re interested please reach out and let’s chat about coaching and how I can best support you.

    I’ve also got human design readings and in particular a yearly 2024 reading may serve you to know the themes of your year ahead and how to best navigate and tap into the most helpful energies to boost and support you.

    I’m working on an offering next month around Valentine’s Day to do with self love and of course something major in August which will be an intimate women’s only retreat in Bali.

    I’m here to help you so if you need anything DM me on Instagram that’s where I’m most active.

    Chat to you next week beautiful soul. Have a good one! 

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