love quote

  • My heart reminds me I’m alive

    I'm grateful for it all

    I’m grateful for all that my heart feels.

    I’m grateful for the way it beats with pride and joy.

    I’m grateful in the way in floats with excitement and swells with tenderness.

    I’m grateful when it feels heavy and anchored.

    I’m grateful when it feels like being crushed alive.

    I’m grateful when it swoons with delight and wonder.

    I’m grateful when it races to the rush and thrill of it all.

    I’m grateful when it aches and I feel every time it bleeds.

    I’m grateful when it rushes off the cliff and suspends itself for a moment in time.

    I’m grateful because my heart reminds me I’m alive.

    On following my heart

    Sometimes I really resent my heart.

    Following my heart has led to painful situations that my mind wanted to avoid.

    Following my heart has led to judgement from others who wouldn’t understand.

    Following my heart has led to more difficult decisions that could logically be answered.

    Following my heart has led me to a life beyond logic and my wildest dreams.

    Following my heart has led to deepened love that has changed my life in ways I never knew it could.

    Following my heart has never been wrong even when I’ve felt that I couldn’t handle the heartache that wouldn’t stop coming in waves.

    We live in a society that values logic and the brain.

    After my dad died I made a conscious decision to live with my heart because I realized my mind caused me so much pain.

    Use the weekends to work and make money instead of spending time with family and friends (if I could go back in time to spend one more minute with my dad I would).

    Do the logical thing that makes you unhappy but theoretically will give you what you want (I stayed in a job where I felt unhappy but made up for it in my bank account – being miserable and wealthy is no fun).

    You’re going to have so much time to do the other things (spoiler alert; we only have the present moment) – it’s short term sacrifice for long term gain.

    When my dad died, initially I could not feel my heart.

    I was so overwhelmed with grief, pain and shock that I went into shut down.

    I numbed everything out… and I did not feel anymore.

    I would later be diagnosed with onset delayed grief that led me to a dark dark place because to live without feeling made me feel like a zombie not truly alive.

    I literally remember being so numb wishing I could feel something even pain! Even to cry would be something.

    The day my heart came back I was elated.

    Even as I navigate tough times with my heart I am so grateful.

    I am grateful for this mighty muscle that physically keeps me alive but also reminds me that I am truly alive.

    How is your heart today?

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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