live life

  • Why are you waiting to truly live?

    Do you feel it?

    Why do we wait on death to take us?

    Like it should happen at some old age or when we get sick.

    Why do we wait for that moment to then truly live?

    The truth of the matter is everyday, in every moment you are closer to death.

    Death is the only guarantee in life.

    This is death’s greatest gift to us.

    Knowing this is to truly live.

    You might be living, but are you alive?

    Do you feel your heart beating?

    Do you feel your muscles tense?

    Do you feel yourself breathing?

    Do you feel the nectar and potency in every moment – that anything can change?

    Do you feel the ache of what it means to want something so bad?

    Do you feel the yearning for all that you could achieve?

    Do you?

    Making the most of our gift of life

    Life is a gift and life is borrowed time yet still we wait…

    For the perfect time.

    For the perfect moment.

    For when A or B happen.

    Realise this.

    There is no guarantee of tomorrow.

    All you have is this moment now.

    In this moment now anything and everything could happen.

    The idea happens.

    You meet that person.

    The money lands in your account.

    Be open to THIS moment.

    Don’t wait to live later in life when you’re old on your deathbed regrets if you even make it there…

    Live life NOW.

    It’s all we have.

    To live is to be fully ALIVE.

    Feeling it all.

    Being alive isn’t just happiness and joy.

    Being alive is also feel the depths of despair to know that you’re truly alive enough to feel the pain of it all.

    Two parts of a whole.

    Not one or the other.

    That’s what it means to truly live and to be alive.




    love & positivity ✨ phi

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