Lion's Gate

  • 49: Lion’s Gate 2023

    Phi shares practical tips and journaling prompts to harness the celestial energies of the Lions Gate Portal and Venus Retrograde in 2023. Get ready to align with the stars, planets and open your heart.

    You’ll want to, grab your journal for this episode beautiful soul to write notes and answer powerful journaling prompts to navigate all this energy with awareness and intention.

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    Episode Introduction

    Hi beautiful souls, welcome to a special episode of the Grow Through It Podcast today that’s all about empowering you to harness the celestial energies of the Lions Gate Portal and Venus Retrograde!

    Today, we dive deep into the mystical realms of astrology and energy, exploring the powerful convergence of energies that can guide us towards profound transformation and self-discovery. 

    My friend Japna who is an energy healer and I ran the most beautiful ceremony over the weekend and I felt really inspired to share the insights that came from the channeling I did for the event. My heart is so full and we had so many incredible moments at the ceremony such as mother and daughter healing and bonding, souls moving on from heartbreak, souls calling in love and a real desire to step in to one’s power and true authentic self. 

    Get ready to align with the stars, planets and open your hearts, as I share practical tips and journaling prompts to help you make the most of this cosmic energy.

    The Lions Gate Portal, a powerful cosmic alignment that occurs every August, brings with it a surge of heightened energy and spiritual insights. It’s been open since the end of July, peaking on the 8th of August and closing on the 12th of August. It connects us to ancient wisdom and empowers us to tap into our inner strength and courage. 

    But that’s not all! We also have the magical influence of Venus Retrograde, coming to a new height this week — urging us to look inward, examine our values, beliefs, and patterns around love, relationships, and self-worth. This is a time of deep reflection and healing, as we let go of old emotional wounds and make space for more authentic connections and fulfilling experiences.

    You’ll want to, grab your journal for this episode beautiful soul to write notes and answer powerful journaling prompts to navigate all this energy with awareness and intention.

    The stars and planets are in true alignment this week and I’m here to help you make the most of this and get ready to shine bright like Sirius herself, the Spiritual Sun associated with Lions Gate as well as Venus, our planet of love, values and money. Let’s get into it!

    Lion's Gate Portal 2023

    • Cosmic Alignment: Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Sirius means “Glowing” in Greek. It is often associated with spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and higher consciousness. Many spiritual beliefs consider Sirius to be a source of divine energy and light.
    • Ancient Civilisations: Throughout history, various ancient civilisations, such as the Egyptians, Sumerians, and Dogon people of Africa, revered Sirius and incorporated it into their cosmology and religious practices. The Dogon tribe, in particular, is known for its extensive knowledge about the Sirius star system, which they passed down through oral tradition.
    • Divine Feminine Energies: In certain spiritual beliefs, Sirius is associated with the divine feminine energies and is seen as a symbol of the sacred feminine principle. It is often linked to the Egyptian goddess Isis and her nurturing, protective, and healing qualities.
    • Isis is one of the most influential goddesses in ancient Egyptian mythology. She is considered the epitome of the divine feminine and is associated with motherhood, fertility, magic, wisdom, and protection. Isis was often depicted with the hieroglyphic symbol of Sirius, represented as a five-pointed star, on her head. This further reinforced the connection between the goddess and the star.
    • Intuition and Psychic Abilities: Sirius is believed to enhance intuitive abilities and psychic insights. It is said to open the third eye and facilitate a deeper connection with one’s intuition and inner guidance. Sun – shining a light on your intuition. 
    • Rebirth and Renewal: Some spiritual interpretations consider Sirius as a symbol of rebirth and renewal, signifying the cyclical nature of life and the soul’s journey through different lifetimes. This idea tied in with Isis’s role as a powerful goddess of life, death, and rebirth. She was believed to possess great magical abilities and used them to resurrect her husband Osiris after he was murdered by their brother Set.
    • Lemurian Connection: In certain New Age beliefs, Sirius is associated with the lost civilisation of Lemuria, a highly advanced and spiritually evolved civilisation that is believed to have existed in ancient times. It is now believed to be sunken beneath the ocean. As a result, Lemuria is now considered to exist in the etheric or astral realms, accessible through meditation, astral projection, or other altered states of consciousness.

    Numerology Number Eight 8 Lion's Gate

    The number 8 holds cultural and symbolic significance in various societies and belief systems. Some common associations with the number 8 include:

    • Infinity
      It’s continuous, unbroken shape represents the unending flow of energy and the interconnectedness of all things.
      – In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered extremely lucky because it sounds similar to the word for prosperity and wealth. It is often associated with good fortune and success.
      In Christianity, the number 8 symbolises new beginnings and resurrection. It is associated with Jesus’ resurrection, as he rose from the dead on the eighth day (the day after the Sabbath).
    • Balance and Harmony: The number 8 is seen as a symbol of balance and harmony, both in the physical and spiritual realms. Its symmetrical shape signifies equilibrium and the need to find harmony between the material and spiritual aspects of existence.
    • Chakras and Energy Centres: In some spiritual systems, the human body is believed to have the traditional seven major chakras, human design has 9 energy Centres. The number 8 represents a higher state of consciousness beyond these seven chakras, signifying transcendence and spiritual elevation.

    Lion’s Gate 2023 Journaling Prompts

    What areas of your life require courage and strength right now? How can you tap into my inner lion/lioness to face these challenges?

    – Reflect on times when you displayed courage and resilience in the face of adversity. How did it change you, and what did you learn from that experience?

    – Reflect on moments when you have felt most confident and self-assured. What were the factors contributing to that sense of empowerment, and how can you cultivate more of it?

    – Consider the concept of “infinite potential” associated with the number 8. What new opportunities and possibilities do you see on the horizon? How can you seize these opportunities and step into a new chapter of your life? Feb 2024

    – What creative pursuits or projects do you feel inspired to explore during this season? How can you express yourself more authentically through your creative endeavours?

    – Leo season and Lion’s Gate is associated with the heart chakra. How can you open your heart more fully to love and compassion, both for yourself and others? Inner child, inner teenager

    – Leo is ruled by the Sun, Sirius is aligned with the spiritual sun representing vitality and life force. What activities or practices can you engage in to recharge your energy and feel more alive?

    – Leo season and Lion’s Gate often encourages us to shine and be seen. In what areas of your life do you want to step into the spotlight more, whether personally or professionally?

    How do you know if you’re being impacted by the energies of Lion’s Gate in 2023 this week?

    Heightened Intuition: Increased clarity and insights, as well as a stronger connection to one’s inner guidance.

    Energy Shifts: Some may feel sudden bursts of energy or fatigue as their energy bodies adjust to the influx of cosmic energies.

    Emotional Release: Emotions may surface more intensely during this time, leading to cathartic experiences and emotional release.

    Spiritual Awakening: Some people report experiencing significant spiritual growth or awakening during this period.

    Synchronicities: Increased occurrences of meaningful coincidences or synchronicities that may hold spiritual significance.

    Enhanced Creativity: A surge in creative inspiration and expression.

    Lucid Dreams: More vivid and memorable dreams, often with spiritual or symbolic themes.

    Lion’s Gate 2023 Affirmations

    • I face my fears with confidence and strength.
    • Fear may be present, but courage is always stronger within me.
    • My courage empowers me to step outside my comfort zone and embrace new experiences.
    • I have the strength to face setbacks and turn them into stepping stones for success.
    • My actions align with abundance, and I am a magnet for success.
    • I choose to release any limiting beliefs about money and embrace my abundance mindset.
    • I trust that the universe is constantly providing me with opportunities for abundance.
    • I am grateful for the money I have, and more is on its way to me.
    • I am open to all and any of the ways money comes to me

    Lion’s Gate 2023 Practices

    • – Heart-centered gratitude
      – Creativity: drawing, painting, sketching, photography, collaborative art, digital art
      – Inspired by children, non attachment, play
      – Time in the sun for light codes like recharging your soul battery. Spiritually speaking within light, there are encoded frequencies that carry spiritual wisdom, activations, and healing energy from our guides and the unseen realms. The idea of light codes aligns with the belief that everything in the universe is made up of energy and vibration. These codes are thought to hold specific energetic patterns that can be received and interpreted by individuals who are open and receptive to spiritual insights and transformation.

    Venus Retrograde 2023 Journaling Prompts

    • Other things to take note of Venus Retrograde happens in three phases and we are about to enter the second. This Sunday, August 13 a conjunction occurs only happens every 584 days, midway through each Venus retrograde. 

      Similar to the energy of the upcoming new moon, refer to the August energy update, it’s like a new Venus in the sky where the alignment means Venus disappears for a few days creating a blank canvas for us to rewrite our love stories as well as money stories. 

      Some journaling prompts to guide you are:


      • What are the most important values you seek in relationships, and how well are you honouring those values?
      • How do you view and value yourself? What impact does this self-perception have on your relationships?
      • How do you envision yourself in a loving relationship?
      • What aspects of self-love and self-worth can you cultivate to attract a healthy and loving partner?
      • How do you express your love and appreciation to others, and are you open to receiving love in return?
      • What are the activities and hobbies that bring you joy and fulfilment? How can you incorporate more of these into your life to attract a partner who shares similar interests?
      • Are you ready and open to invite love into your life? If there are any fears or hesitations, how can you work through them?
      • How can you use the law of attraction and manifestation principles to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with the love you desire?
      • How can you remain patient and trust in the process of manifesting love while staying open to the timing that serves your highest good?
      • MONEY
      • What new, positive beliefs about money do I want to cultivate? (For example, “I am capable of managing money wisely,” “Money is a tool that can be used for good,” “I attract abundance and prosperity into my life.”)
      • How can you align your values with regards to money and your spending habits and investment decisions? For example if you value self growth but won’t invest it in, what does that say about your money story?
      • How can you challenge and question my old money beliefs to create space for new, empowering ones?
      • How can you reframe past financial mistakes or setbacks as valuable learning experiences that have helped you grow?
      • How can you integrate gratitude into your financial journey to shift your focus from scarcity to abundance?
      • What specific financial goals can you set for yourself that align with your new empowering money beliefs?
      • How will adopting these new money beliefs positively impact other areas of your life, such as relationships, career, and personal growth?

    In closing

    This concludes our special episode on the powerful cosmic alignment of the Lions Gate Portal and Venus Retrograde! The Lion’s Gate Portal, with its heightened energy and connection to ancient wisdom, reminds us to tap into our inner strength and courage. It’s a time to embrace change, release the old, and step into the fullness of our true selves. 

    With Venus Retrograde adding its influence, we’ve explored the themes of love, relationships, and self-worth. This cosmic reset gives us the opportunity to reflect on our values and beliefs about love, clearing the path for more authentic and fulfilling relationships.

    It’s a powerful period of introspection and self-discovery, allowing us to let go of old patterns that no longer serve us and make room for new, positive experiences in love, abundance, identity and confidence. 

    Sending you so much love and light during this energetic week beautiful soul. Until next time. Love & Positivity. 

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