inspiring quote

  • The greatest gift of all

    I hope you remember...

    When everything seems too hard, I hope you remember the strength and resilience that has kept you here despite all the hardships and heartache you’ve endured.

    I hope you remember how deeply you’re loved.

    I hope you remember how much you’ve grown.

    I hope you remember the purity and innocence of your heart, with its vast capacity to love.

    I hope you remember how incredible it is that you’re here and get to experience the greatest gift of all: life.

    Despite it all...

    Because better days are on their way… ✨ and you still being despite it all, breathing, believing is truly a gift in itself 🌟

    An excerpt from my book – The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living an Aligned and Authentic Life

    Available 23 June 2023 worldwide.

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