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  • 21: My First Float Tank Experience

    Episode Summary of The Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang, 21: My First Float Tank Experience

    I experienced a float tank for the first time at Bondi Junction Massage and Float Centre thanks to a gift from a 1:1 client J. Learn all about my experience as a first timer! What it was like being a float tank. How did it feel to be in a float tank. What happened in a float tank. What I learnt in a float tank.

    What you'll learn from this episode

    • What is a float tank and what are the benefits?
    • What it feels like to be in a float tank
    • My first reaction to being in a float tank
    • What happens in a float tank
    • My key learnings and insights from my experience in a float tank

    Key Quotes from this Episode

    We are meant to be balanced energetically. Like the Goldilocks tale, not too hot, not too cold… just right.

    This float made me realise yeah I am just a soul and I get it I’m not my body or mind, I am this soul, this energy and presence behind it all but damn I love that my soul has this opportunity to be here on earth having a human experience.

    In the ocean I feel electricity, magic, the life beneath me...

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    The Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang, 21: My First Float Tank Experience

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    [Episode 21 – My First Float Tank Experience]

    My First Float Tank Experience Introduction

    Hello beautiful souls, Happy Tuesday! I’m actually recording this on a Monday and I have to say I feel so much lighter. The last week has been heavy and I really felt the presence of that big full moon. From talking some of you and my clients we are all on the same page, oh boy that moon was heavy.

    Resting and Productivity Guilt

    I’m coming out on the other side lighter, feeling more free, shifting energies. It was the first time since I started my business I took a week off posting. I felt myself judging myself. 

    How can you take time off your business, you don’t have staff right now so if you do, who is doing the business? 

    If you’re not posting on Instagram how will you meet new clients? You should be channeling your manifestation class you said you were going to do.

    Working with me - package investments

    I also recently changed my packages, I upped the investments so if you’re interested in working with me my minimum package is 3 months for $3,000 and that felt so right.

     Having less clients which means I have more energy and space for the clients I do have. Being able to fully support them in between sessions and giving them my energy in our calls.

    Judging myself

    Despite this realisation and all of that – Yep, I felt really heavy on the self judgement. Feeling ashamed because I felt like leaning back, being in flow with my feminine energy.

     Stepping back it made me realise how much I’ve been operating in my masculine: hustle, hustle, hustle, plan, plan, plan, organise, organise, organise, control, control, control. It is so tiring. 

    We are meant to be balanced energetically. Like the Goldilocks tale, not too hot, not too cold… just right. Not too masculine hustle control, not too much feminine flow, just right. Each person’s right will be different for them.

    Walking the walk, talking the talk

    It made me take a step back and reveal the path that I don’t just talk the talk, I need to walk the walk. I am a huge advocate with my clients and community on how important it is to rest because resting is being productive. 

    Allowing yourself to disconnect, to retreat, to recharge. It’s so important especially as I learn more about human design. I’m a manifesting generator so energetically I’m truly built for what lights me up, that gives me soooo much energy like coaching clients and sometimes it means I notice what dims my light and burns me out which is posting on Instagram every single day whilst balancing a full time job too. 

    It’s way too much! Stepping outside of my business I realised, in my full time corporate role I don’t just work, work, work, I also take breaks – so why wouldn’t I do the same for my own business?

    Human Design Readings by Phi Dang

    Speaking of human design I’ve started doing a few readings for my 1:1 clients and community and the reception has been amazing. I’m hearing things like that is so me, scarily accurate and it’s so exciting. I’m not openly offering readings yet but you heard it here, if you’re interested DM me and let’s work something out together!

    Personal life update

    Human design aside, I’m so excited as I have a few interstate trips coming up and I can’t wait to rest, play and nourish even more. 

    Doing the script for this podcast, I just had an ocean swim, did some grounding walking barefoot on the grass and here I am in the sun in my bikini typing away. 

    Pure bliss and joy! Being in the ocean gives me pure joy and this quote perfectly embodies how I feel:

    "You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in an entire drop”

    What is a float tank experience?

    So this finally leads me into sharing my first experience with a float tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank. Thank you to my beautiful client J, for gifting me with this rare, one of a kind gift.

    Essentially you get in a self enclosed pod where there is no light and you are completely naked floating in water with a tonne of epsom salt. 

    The epsom salt creates such salinity in the water you effortlessly float, no effort required. You’re in the pod for an hour and it’s silent. 

    What are the benefits of a float tank experience?

    It supposedly helps reduce anxiety and stress, create calmness and prompt creative downloads. 

    Some people even have out of body experiences and hallucinate! 

    Go in with an open mind and no expectations is my advice. Be open! Experience it for yourself.

    My first initial reaction to the float tank experience: panic

    So picture this. No visual stimulation. No audio stimulation. No sensory stimulation. It’s just you.

    So I’m still processing it all but wanted to share what came up with you so far.

    At first I absolutely panicked. I should share with you I used to be claustrophobic and I still don’t enjoy small spaces. The thing is it’s not super tight like you have enough space to put your hand up and still not touch the top of the pod. What got me was my mind.

    At first I felt myself hearing the stories oh my goodness what are you doing, you’re going to be trapped what if you can’t breathe and die. Lol yeah my mind went there. 

    As a result I was flailing about, I ingested the water which tasted disgusting and I got this super salty water in my eye it stung (but not as much as that freak accident I had at home where I squired hand sanitiser into my eye now that was OUCH).

    Float tank experience: Mind stories

    So really my mind and it stories made me panic. 

    As I noticed that it dissipated into peace and calm. 

    Then it would come up in a different way particularly the air. 

    Maybe it was the place I was in but there was no fresh air just my air circulating in this pod and it felt heavy. 

    I found it really hard. I felt so trapped and identified with my mind. 

    Then I would have moments where I completely melted and became one with the soft, silky water. Where is my hand. Where is my foot. Oh I just am. 

    Float tank experience: Journey from the mind to the body

    I’ve been on this journey of really getting back into my body after being so identified with my mind and masculine energy for so long. 

    This float made me realise yeah I am just a soul and I get it I’m not my body or mind, I am this soul, this energy and presence behind it all but damn I love that my soul has this opportunity to be here on earth having a human experience. 

    I get to truly feel so much. I craved the wild ocean. 

    In a float tank it felt sterile, forced and it was pure quiet. 

    In the ocean I feel electricity, magic, the life beneath me and contained in the water – the water itself, small fish, seaweed, micro-plankton who knows what else is in there.

     The subtle white noise when I float on my back. 

    Feeling myself rock back and forth as I lie on top of the waves of the ocean.

    Float tank experience: I feel so alive!


    Thank you thank you. Of course the universe sends me a message when I saw on a post by a beautiful soul I look up to Kathrin Zenkina who you may know as manifestation babe and she spoke about how crazy it is that all of us our souls if you believe in that chose to be here in 2020 and 2021 when there has never been such a heavy energy. 

    We are here to be the light. It be resilient. To love one another through these crazy times of a global pandemic, floods, bushfires, racial tensions, horrible mass murders. How bad ass are we? Love.

    Would I do a float tank experience again?

    As for float tanks, I’m sure I will be back no doubt and have a completely new experience for that I can’t wait. 

    What's coming up in the world of life coaching?

    As for what is coming up I am out of hibernation and will be working on a manifestation masterclass which is an accessible access point to working with me, I’ll be releasing early bird, pre sale pricing before landing on it’s final price which I am vibing at $111 currently. Who knows it might change. 

    This is the most accessible I have been for a while so if you’re interested please DM so I can put you not the waitlist with other beautiful souls. I can’t wait for us to all be inside this juicy masterclass to do with all things manifestation basics and making manifestation work for you. 

    My 1:1 coaching availability

    As mentioned my investments for coaching continue to rise base on demand and I am only one soul. I only take 1:1 clients who I believe I can help and give my energy and space to.

     If you’ve been thinking about it or on the fence and feeling called, now is the right time to get in as I will increase the investment again but who knows when. DM me, and let’s see if we are a match!

    The Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang, 21: My First Float Tank Experience Close

    Have a lovely week beautiful soul, speak to you next Tuesday. Love and Positivity. 

    [Episode 21 – My First Float Tank Experience Outro]

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