finding yourself

  • A little perspective

    It's okay to feel lost

    There comes a point in time where you feel lost and that’s okay.

    That path isn’t always clear.

    At times it may be hidden.

    There’s twists and turns.

    It’s okay to change your mind.

    It’s okay to be scared.

    What matters is you know that whichever way you go, all will be okay. 

    You’ll end up exactly where you need to be as exactly who you are meant to be.

    Think about how proud your future self will be of you.

    For continuing the journey despite the pain, fear and confusion along the way.

    Sometimes all you need is perspective.

    To zoom out a little and see all the progress you’ve made and will continue to make.

    Keep moving, keep going

    being lost is part of the journey, for if you have never been lost how do you know you’ve ever really found yourself?

    be the one in control of your destiny, step into your power.

    do not be afraid to live life.

    go at it with all your all, you are here on this earth to be alive 🧨

    the only way to know is to keep moving and to keep going.

    you got this 👊🏽

    I believe in you 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Finding the truest you

    Be you, be free...

    Maybe it’s not that you’re changing… maybe it’s your remembering and reawakening to who you really are.

    The you before the world told you to be a certain way.

    The you that’s battled and weathered the storms.

    The you that’s embodied all aspects of yourself.

    The you that’s switched on to your spark and light.

    The you that’s peeled off layers of conditioning.

    The you that’s stripped to your true essence.

    The you that shines in your authenticity and truth.

    The you that chooses to love despite fear and hate.

    Reawakening all that you are

    It’s hard to be true to yourself in a world that values being a follower not a leader.

    It’s hard to be true to to yourself for fear of judgement, of being a light that shines too bright.

    It’s hard to be you under layers of programming, conditioning, pressure and expectations that weigh you down.

    It’s hard to be you when your ideal image of yourself is a mosaic of the external world and influences beyond you.

    It’s hard to be you with your past haunting you and everything that you’ve been through which makes you put up your walls.

    Your truest self is always within raw, beating, pulsing, loving – your highest self.

    How does it feel to come home to you.

    Your highest self.




    An unwavering mountain of strength.

    The golden warmth of sunshine.

    The wind beneath thing wings of a bird.

    The gentle breeze of the tree.

    The glory and sparkle of the stars.

    You are here in this beating moment.


    Reawakening to all that you are 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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