Feed Your Intuition

  • 46: Paige Kane from The Powerful Practitioner Podcast and Feed Your Intuition

    In this magical interview, Phi and Paige interview each other. Paige Kane is a shaman, volva, psychic, intuitive and mentor.

    This episode will take you on a potent and powerful journey of unlearning and unlocking your intuitive potential as we dive deep into these enlightening topics, including Paige’s personal story becoming a shaman, leaving her hospitality career, the recent shift in her business creating new space for alignment, her life’s work and purpose and healing the throat chakra.

    We also talk about love and money, two universal themes, come into focus, as we delve into personal growth and the transformative nature of relationships.

    You’ll hear about the unlearning process surrounding love, and the power that arises from embracing one’s challenging experiences.

    You’ll also learn the basics of Human Design, how it compares to astrology and the importance of honouring your unique energy. You’ll gain insight from highlights of Paige & Phi’s charts throughout the episode – giving practical guidance on how Human Design can be seen (and applied) IRL.

    Resources from today's episode and connect with Paige Kane from the Powerful Practitioner Podcast and Feed Your Intuition

    Chatting to Paige Kane from the Powerful Practitioner Podcast and Feed Your Intuition

    I am so excited for this podcast episode with Paige Kane. Paige is a shaman, volva, psychic, intuitive and mentor. She is a 6/2 Sacral Generator, Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon and Cancer Rising. She’s been in the industry for over 6 years! I’ve done energy healing and readings with Paige myself meeting her through a friend and client who recommender her. 

    This episode was incredibly potent and powerful as we both were in the flow zone of channeling and sharing messages from our respective spiritual teams. We interview each other in this episode so it’s really fun and there’s so so much to take out of this episode. Paige has her own podcast the Powerful Practitioner Podcast too. 

    Paige actually started her career in hospitality which led into luxury 5-star Beverly Hills Hotel Management. While working a part-time job, she went for her Master’s in Nutrition. Doing this time she found her spiritual mentor and went to Shaman school. Paige’s business is called Feed your Intuition  helping to unlock your intuition, step into your power and live the life. Enjoy today’s episode beautiful soul! 

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