• There is no trying. You’re doing it.

    Don’t try. When you try you’re setting yourself up for failure, hear me out.

    You set a mentality of “oh I’m trying” so when it doesn’t work out that creates failure in your mind. Trying and failing.

    You’re not trying… because you’re either simply doing it or not.

    It’s a nuanced shift but try it – you’re doing it ⚡️ vs trying it.

    Set yourself up for success.

    You’re not trying to find a new job, you’re apply for new jobs and writing cover letters.

    You’re not trying to date again, you’re going out meeting new people and open to possibilities.

    You’re not trying to love yourself, you are investing in yourself and doing all the things that make you happy.

    Every time you “do” you’re shifting the needle closer and closer to what you want to achieve.

    It’s in the doing that you create results in your reality but also in your energy.

    You’re in the present moment, doing all the things not trying.

    When we do something it has your full commitment and energy back it it.

    Let’s not live half full and half in.

    Trying gives you room and permission to fail.

    Trying is backed by forced faith and belief.

    Doing is KNOWING.

    It’s not if… it’s when.

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

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